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Instrumentation Section
This section provides several support services to institute?s R&D work. It operates the Central Materials Characterization Facility where measurements of thermal and physical properties of advanced glass and ceramic materials are regularly done using high temperature Glass viscometer, DTA, TGA, DSC, Dilatometer, Particle Size analyzer (Nano & Micro), GCMS, Carbon-Nitrogen-Oxygen analyzer, Mercury Prosimeter, Surface area analyzer etc. The characterization services are also provided to outside industries and institutes. The other services include pilot glass plant maintenance, management & operation of EPABX system, computerized attendance system, audio visual services and general instrument maintenance.

Areas of Activities
  • Providing characterization facility for physical and thermal properties of glass, ceramic and allied materials and calibration of thermocouples to internal users of CG&CRI, academic institutions, industry and research organizations
  • Maintenance of pilot glass melting plants
  • Management & operation of infrastructural facilities

Sectional Facilities:

Group Photograph of Sectional Scientist and Staffs


Technical / Support Staff
Shankar Biswas Technical Officer Gr III (5) Electrical Engineering
Asit. Kumar Maiti Technical Officer Gr III (4) Instrumentation, Audio & Visual system
Indranil Biswas Technical Assitant Gr III(2) Material Characterization, Computerized attendance system
Swati Samanta Technical Assitant Gr III(2) Material Characterization, EPABX
Asian Hemrom Technical Assitant Gr III(1) Material Characterization, Audio & Visual system
Moumita Kanu Technical Assitant Gr III(1) Material Characterization
Kamalesh Chatterjee Technican Gr II(3) EPABX
Dilip Kumar Paul Technican Gr II(3) Audio & Visual system
Goutam Ghosh Technican Gr II(3) Audio & Visual system
Piyali Kundu Technican Gr II(1) Material Characterization
Sambhu Charan Das Technican Gr I(4) Assistance to Instrumentation job

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