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 Clay & Traditional Ceramics 
Dr. Kausik Dana
Scientist B[Gr.IV(1)]

Advanced Clay and Traditional Ceramics Division

Phone: +91 -33-24733496 (Ex. 3261)
FAX: +91-33-24730957
E-mail: kdana@cgcri.res.in

M.Tech. (Ceramic Engg.), University of Calcutta
Ph.D (Tech.), University of Calcutta

Dr. Dana joined CGCRI on 2005

Research Interest
Surface modification of clays, synthetic clays and inorganic-organic hybrids of layered compounds, clay-based ceramic product.

Professional Career
Deputy Manager (R&D) H&R Johnson (I) Ltd. Maharashtra 2004-2005
Scientist "B" CG&CRI. Kolkata 2005- till date

  • Visiting Scientist (2009-2010) at Cornell University, NewYork, USA.
  • Ganpule Award from Indian Ceramic Society 2008.
  • Member, Advisory board, 12th International Ceramics Congress, CIMTEC 2010, Italy.
  • Winner of 7th CCMR Microscopy Image contest, Cornell University, NewYork, USA. 2010.
  • Winner of 7th CCMR (Cornell Centre for Materials Research) microscopy image contest at Cornell University, USA for best SEM image, 2010.

Selected Publications
Publications: In SCI Journals: 14;
Selected Papers:
  1. Saheli Ganguly, Kausik Dana and Sankar Ghatak Thermogravimetric study of n-alkylammonium-intercalated montmorillonites of different cation exchange capacity J.Therm. Anal Calom. 100 [1] (2010) p71-78.
  2. S.K.Das and Kausik Dana. Differences in densification behaviour of K and Na-feldspar-containing porcelain bodies Thermochimica Acta, 406 [1-2] (2003) p 199-206.
  3. Kausik Dana, Sukhen Das and Swapan Kumar Das. Effect of substitution of fly ash for quartz in triaxial kaolin-quartz-feldspar system J.Eu.Ceram.Soc. 24 [10-11] (2004) p3169-317.
  4. Kausik Dana, Jayanta Dey and Swapan Kr. Das Synergistic effect of fly ash and B.F.Slag on the mechanical strength of traditional porcelain bodies. Ceramics International 31 [1] (2005) p147-152
  5. Kausik Dana, Nar Singh, Ritwik Sarkar and Swapan Kr. Das. Shrinkage and strength behavior of quartzitic and kaolinitic clays in wall tile compositions J. Applied Clay Science29[2] (2005) p 137-143

Patents filed / Granted
Patents: 2 (Indian)
  1. A process for the production of high strength superwhite porcelain tile. Swapan.Kr.Das and Kausik Dana. (67/DEL/03). INDIA
  2. A synergistic composition and a process for the production of transparent frit therefrom. Swapan.Kr.Das and Kausik Dana. (56/DEL/02). INDIA

Landmark Research Contribution
Organophillic nanoclays from Indian bentonite have been developed by his group, is being validated for real-life application with industrial collaboration. He also made significant contribution to the understanding of phase and microstructural evolution in fly-ash and Slag - incorporated K2O-SiO2-Al2O3 system.

PhD Supervision

Summary: Ongoing (1)

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