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Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Mrs. Dipali Kundu
Scientist F[Gr.IV(5)] & Head

Analytical Chemistry Section

Phone: (033) 2483 8081
FAX: +91-33-24730957
E-mail: dipali@cgcri.res.in

B.Sc (Chemistry), University of Calcutta
M.Sc (Inorganic Chemistry), University of Calcutta
Ph.D. (Science), Jadavpur University

Dr. Kundu joined CGCRI on 7th August 1980

Research Interest
Analytical chemistry with special reference to the development of analytical methods related to chemical characterization of glass and ceramic materials, development of chemical processes for separation and removal of toxic elements from environmental samples.

Professional Career
Position HeldOrganisationDuration
Scientific Assistant/Scientist B/C/EI/EII/F C.G.& C.R.I., Kolkata 1980 till date

  • Senior DAAD Fellow during October - December, 1995 at the Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany.

Selected Publications
Publications: Summary: in SCI Journal Papers = 29; in Conference Procedings =26 ;
Selected papers ( 5 best):
  1. J. K. Mondal and Dipali Kundu, ?Spectrophotometric determination of trace silica in water after enrichment on polyurethane foam and complexation with Rhodamine B?, Eurasian J. of Analytical Chemistry, 4(1), 46-52, 2009.
  2. J. K. Mondal and Dipali Kundu, ?Selective extraction of Calcium on tri- n-butyl phosphate plasticized polyurethane foam for its spectrophotometric determination in glass and ceramics?, Analytical Sciences, The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry, 21(12), 1491-94, 2005.
  3. S. K. Roy and Dipali Kundu, ?Demasking of magnesium - acetylacetonate complex for direct EDTA titration of Calcium and Magnesium in the same solution and pH?, Analyst, 118, 905-07, 1993.
  4. S. K. Roy and Dipali Kundu, ?Spectrophotometric determination of Platinum in glass after extraction with polyurethane foam?, Talanta, 39(4), 415-18, 1992.
  5. S. K. Roy and Dipali Kundu, ?Spectrophotometric determination of Silver in glass and ceramic materials by foam extraction?, Analytical Letters, 24(1), 139-51, 1991.

Patents filed / Granted
Summary: Indian : 1(India), 2(USA), 1(Chilie), 1(bangladesh), 1(Taiwan)

Landmark Research Contribution
  1. Solid phase extraction technique was developed using polyurethane foam (PUF) for separation, pre-concentration and analysis of trace and ultra trace elements.
  2. Rapid, accurate and cost effective analytical methods were developed for the determination of major, minor and trace elements present in glass, ceramic and allied materials.
  3. A novel technique was developed for the removal of arsenic from water for providing a process for the preparation of arsenic free water.

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