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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Vol I and II


Serial Circulars 2004

Serial Circulars 2003

Serial Circulars 2002

Serial Circulars 2001

Serial Circulars 2000

Serial Circulars 1999

Serial Circulars 1998

Other Circulars
Purchase Procedures

Purchase Procedure 2008 - Serial Circular No. 455 dated 07/01/2009

Clarification on Purchase Procedure 2002 - Serial Circular No. 364 dated 27/07/2007

Clarifications to Purchase Procedure 2002 - Serial Circular No. 296 dated 15/06/2006

Amendments to Purchase Procedure 2002 (Serial Circular: 289 Dated : 05/05/2006 )

Purchase Procedure 2002


Disposal Of Stores

Receipts Of Stores

Physical Verification of stores etc.

  Recruitment and Assessment Rules

Recruitment Rules 2008 for the post of Director of CSIR Lab/Instt/Centre dt:28/03/2008

Amendment to CSIR Scientist Recruitment & Assesment Promotion Rules,2001 dt:12/3/2007

Constitution of Recruitment & Assesment Board dt:13/3/2007

Recruitment Rules for the post of Staff Officer to DG , CSIR in the pay scale of Rs.14300-400-18300

Amendment to 'CSIR Scientist Recruitment & Assesment Promotion Rules 2001'
CSIR Recruitment and Assesment Promotion Rules ,2001 - Clarification thereof
CSIR Service Rules, 1994 for Recruitment of Scientific, Technical and Support Staff

Amendment to CSIR Services Rules ,1994 for Recruitment of Scientific ,Technical and Support Staff dt:09/3/2007
Memorandum of Association, Rules & Regulations and Bye Laws 2005
CSIR (Residence Allotment) Rules 1997
Amendment in CCS(CCA) Rules , 1965
ASRB- Rules updated upto January 2004
Revised Manas - Contents, General Instructions
Foreign Deputation Guidelines

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