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 CGCRI Outreach Centre - Naroda 

Asha Anil
Scientist B [Gr.IV(1)]

Naroda Centre, Ahmedabad

Phone: (079) 228 23345
FAX: +91 79 228 22052
E-mail: aanil@cgcri.res.in

B. Sc. (Chem Hons, 90.9%), Calicut University, Kerala, 2000
M. Sc. (Applied Chemistry, 78.9%), Calicut University, Kerala, 2002.

Mrs. Asha Anil joined CGCRI on 20th June 2005.

Research Interest
  • Development of sol-gel based nano coatings to improve surface characteristics of ceramic products, studies on effect of nano additives on properties of ceramic bodies and glazes and development of engobes and glazes.

Professional Career
OrganisationPosition HeldDuration
CGCRI, Naroda Centre June 2005 till date Scientist B
C-MET, Thrissur 2003-2005 Project Assistant

Selected Publications
Summary: In SCI journals: 8, abstract / extended abstract published in Conf. Proc. Vol.:2;
Selected papers (5 best)
  1. Asha Anil, A. Peer Mohamed, R.M. Savsani and S.N. Misra, Crockery ware scrap incorporation in underglaze engobe formulations, accepted for publication in Industrial Ceramics, 2009.
  2. Asha Anil, A. Peer Mohamed and K. N. Maiti, Evaluation of dry as well as thermo-mechanical properties of porcelain compositions containing colloidal silica as an additive, Transactions of Indian Ceramic Society.,Vol.68,2009.
  3. K. Sivanandan, Asha T. Achuthan, V. Kumar and Isaku Kanno, "Fabrication and transverse piezoelectric characteristics of PZT Thick Film Actuators on Alumina Substrates", Sensors and Actuators A: Physical. Volume 148, Issue 1, 4 November 2008, Pages 134-137.
  4. Asha T. Achuthan and K.N. Maiti, "Influence of grinding on the properties of ceramic glazes," Industrial Ceramics, Vol.26, no.3, 2006, 181-189.
  5. V. Kumar, Asha T. Achuthan, K. Sivanandan, P.V. Divya and K.P. Rema, "Sol-gel Synthesis of PZT-Glass nanocomposites using a Simple System and characterization", Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, 3[5], 2006, 345-352.

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