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 Fiber Optics and Photonics 
Mr. Shyamal Das

Fiber Optics and Photonics Division

Phone: (033) 24838083 (Ex. 3285)
FAX: +91-33-24730957
E-mail: dshyamal@cgcri.res.in

B.E. (Chemical Engg.), Jadavpur University
M.E. (Chemical Engg.), Jadavpur University

Mr. Das joined CGCRI on 31.01.2006

Research Interest
  • Development of different types of rare earth (RE) doped fiber preform for optical fiber amplifier and fiber lasers, LFM (large flattened mode) fiber, photosensitive fiber for writing FBGs and advanced rare earth doped nano- crystalline host based optical fiber for application in high power fiber laser.

Professional Career
Project & CSIR-Research Fellow CGCRI June, 2000 - January 2006
Scientist-B CGCRI 31.01.2006 (continuing )

  • Awarded CSIR-SRF
  • Awarded CSIR-RA

Selected Publications
Summary: In SCI Journals: 9; In Conference Proceedings: 11;
Selected Publications:
  1. "Study of refractive index and physical thickness of porous silica films with aging in hydrated ammonia and air" by S. Das, S. Roy, A. Patra and P. K. Biswas; Journal of Materials Letters, vol. 57, page no. 2320-2325.
  2. "3-D mapping with ellipsometrically determined physical thickness/refractive index of spin coated sol-gel silica layer" by S. Das, S. Roy, S. Chakraboarty and P. K. Biswas; Bulletin of Materials Science, Vol. 25, No. 6, page no. 557-560.
  3. "1028 nm Single Mode Ytterbium-Doped Fiber Laser", M. C. Paul, S. W. Harun. M. R. A. Moghaddam, S. Das, R. Sen, A. Dhar, M. Pal, S. K. Bhadra and H. Ahmad, Laser Physics, 2009, Vol. 19, No. 5, pp. 1?5.
  4. "Fabrication of high aluminium containing rare-earth doped fiber without core - clad interface defects" Anirban Dhar, Shyamal Das, Himadri Sekhar Maiti and Ranjan Sen, Optics-Communications, Volume 283, Issue 11, 2010, pp. 2344-2349.
  5. "Ytterbium sensitized Thulium doped fibre laser at near IR with 980 nm pump", Atasi Pal, Anirban Dhar, Shyamal Das, Shu Ying Chen, Tong Sun, Ranjan Sen, Kenneth T V Grattan OPTICS EXPRESS Vol. 18, No. 5068-50745, 2010

Notable Research Contribution
Developed large flattened mode (LFM) optical fiber.

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