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 Sensor and Actuator  
Dr. Amarnath Sen
Scientist G [Gr.IV(6)] and Head

Sensor and Actuator Division

Ph. 2473 3469/3496/3477 (Ext.-3449)
FAX: +91-33-24730957
E-mail: asen@cgcri.res.in   /   amarns2@yahoo.co.in

B.Sc. (Tech): Ceramic Technology, Calcutta University (Gold Medalist)
M.Tech. Metallurgical Engineering, I.I.T.Kanpur
Ph.D. Materials Science, I.I.T.Kanpur

Research Interest
Nanostructured semiconductor gas sensors, e-nose, biomedical sensors, piezoactuators and wafers, energy harvesting devices, and multiferroic materials

Professional Career
OrganisationPosition HeldDuration
Cosmo Ferrites Ltd. ( Himachal Electronics Ltd.) Asst. Manager (Tech) 1986-1986
CGCRI, Kolkata Scientist 1987 - till date

  • National Scholar ( 1972, West Bengal Board)
  • Gold Medalist ( 1976, Calcutta University)
  • MRSI Medalist (2003, Materials Research Society of India)
  • Adjunct faculty (2008, IT BHU, Varanasi)

Selected Publications
Publications: Summary: In SCI Journal Papers= 52; Books/Chapters: 4 chapters in two books;
Selected Papers:
  1. A. Sen, "Weak link induced longitudinal flux motion: A new look at the Jc of granular high Tc superconductors", Physica C, 235-240, 3167 (1994)
  2. D. Saha and A. Sen, "Low frequency dispersion extended to higher frequency: A new look at relaxor behaviour", Phil. Mag. Lett., 71 (6), 367 (1995)
  3. S.Chakraborty, A.Sen, H.S.Maiti, "Selective detection of methane and butane by temperature modulation in iron doped tin oxide sensors", Sensors and Actuators B 115, 610 (2006).
  4. S. Chakraborty, D. Banerjee, I. Ray and A. Sen, "Detection of biomarker in breath: A step towards noninvasive diabetes monitoring", Current Science, 94( 2), 237 (2008).
  5. R. Mazumder, A. Sen, "Coexistence of strong frequency dispersion of dielectric constant and temperature invariant Curie peak in doped ferroelectric ceramics", Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 48, 121401 (2009)

Patents filed / Granted
Summary: 16 (Indian)

Landmark Research Contribution
  1. Sensor & Actuator Division of CGCRI, because of its significant contribution in the area of semiconductor sensors, could catalyze the creation of ?Sensor Hub? (supported by DST and CSIR) at CGCRI, Kolkata.
  2. Our innovative work jointly with a researcher of The Institute of Child Health, Kolkata, (published in Current Science) demonstrated the proof-of-concept of noninvasive diabetes detection from breath using semiconductor sensors.

PhD Supervision
Summary: 2 completed, 3 under progress,

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