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Technical / Support Staff
Mr. Sudhendu Sen Sarma Technical Officer, Gr. III (5) Particle size analysis, Plant Installation & Commissioning, Water Analysis.
Mr. Swapan Kumar Sarkar Technical Officer, Gr. III (3) Testing and characterization of Ceramic membranes, End sealing.
Mr. Subhendu Sarkar Technical Assistant, Gr. III (2) Performance evaluation of Iron & Arsenic Removal Plants, CO2 capture using membrane contactor, ceramic membrane module for pretreatment of RO feed water.
Mr. Trilochon Prassad Sahoo Technical Assistant, Gr. III (1) Characterization of ceramic elements and clean water permeability test, operation of furnace, spectrophotometer & rheometer
Mr. Khokan Das Tech, Gr. II (4) Operation of Attrition mill & Millipore Lab Water Purification System, Sample preparation and pilot plant testing of Rice Bran Oil.
Mr. Gouranga Chalak Tech., Gr. II (1) Fitting of modules & permeability determination, dimension measurement of ceramic tubes.
Mr. Tapas Kumar Dey Tech, Gr. I (4) Powder preparation & Laboratory Assistance for module testing.
Mr. Ratan Chakaraborty PS to HOD Secretarial assistance

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