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Ceramic membrane based pretreatment system for BRWO/SWRO Plants

Ceramic membranes modules can be used to replace the sand filter and disposable cartridge filters for feed pretreatment of RO plants for brackish water and sea water for reduction of the turbidity level to below 0.5 NTU thereby increasing the life of RO modules.

  • A two step integrated plant coupled with Ceramic MFBWRO (from CSMCRI) in operation at Nischinda, Bally, Howrah, West Bengal for treatment of iron contaminated brackish groundwater
Patents were filed in India and two US patents were obtained along with patents in three countries, viz. Bangladesh, Chili, Taiwan.
  • The process technology transferred to M/s Entech Metals Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata to manufacture Arsenic & Iron Removal Plants of 500-20,000 LPD capacity.
  • Eleven entrepreneurs purchased the plants and set up industries under SSI sector with self/bank financing for regular production of bottled (5 & 20 liter) drinking water

Iron removal plant and brackish water reverse osmosis plant installed at Ghoshpara, Nischinda, Howrah, Bally, West Bengal

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