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Sol Gel
Dr. (Ms) Minati Chatterjee
Scientist F [Gr.IV(5)] & Head

Sol-Gel Division

Phone: (033) 24838086
FAX: +91-33-24730957
E-mail: minati@cgcri.res.in

B.Sc. (Chemistry Hons.), University of Calcutta
M.Sc. (Chemistry), Jadavpur University
Ph. D. (Science), Jadavpur University

Dr. Chatterjee joined CGCRI on October 11, 1972

Research Interest
  • Sol-gel processing of
    1. Ceramic oxide powders
    2. Nanopwders and Saped powders
    3. Ceramic oxide fibres and Ceramic Matrix Composites
    4. Thin films
  • Hydrothermal processing of
    1. Zeolite particles in pure and ion-exchanged forms
    2. Ceramic supported zeolite membranes
  • Phase equilibrium studies

  • Malaviya award of the Indian Ceramic Society for the years 1975, 1988 and 2005
  • Materials Research Society of India (MRSI) award for the best poster paper in the years 2001 and 2009.
  • Best paper award in the 8th International Opto-Electronics and Communication Conference (OECC) held during 13-16 October, 2003 at Shanghai, China
  • Selected as a member of the ?Subject Expert Committee? (Engineering Science) under Woman Scientist Scheme-A (WOS-A) by the DST, New Delhi during April, 2005.

Selected Publications
Summary: In SCI Journals: Sixty (60); In Conference Proceedings: One (1); Book: One (1); Book chapter: One (1);
Selected Publications:
  1. "Magnesium aluminate (MgAl2O4) spinel powders from water based sols", M. K. Naskar and M. Chatterjee, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 88, 38 (2005).
  2. "Boehmite nanoparticles by the two-reverse emulsion technique", M.K. Naskar and M. Chatterjee, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 88, 3322 (2005).
  3. "Synthesis and characterization of PVP-encapsulated ZnS nanoparticles", G. Ghosh, M. K. Naskar, A. Patra and M. Chatterjee, Optical Materials, 28, 1047 (2006).
  4. "Understanding the role of surfactants on the preparation of ZnS nanocrystals", M.K. Naskar, A. Patra and M. Chatterjee, J. Colloid and Interface Sci., 297, 271 (2006).
  5. "Synthesis of yttrium aluminium garnet (YAG) hollow microspheres by reverse emulsion (w/o) technique", M. Chatterjee and M.K. Naskar, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 89, 1443, (2006).

Patents filed / Granted
Indian: Twelve (12);
International: One (1) filed in ten countries (USA, E. Union, Korea, Japan, China, South Africa, India, Canada, Australia, Israel)

Notable Research Contribution
  • Zeolite particles in pure and ion exchanged forms
  • Sol-gel processing of (i) plasma grade ceramic oxide microspheres and (ii) ceramic oxide fibres
  • Surfactant-assisted synthesis of nanoparticles and shaped particles
  • Antireflective (AR) coatings on lead containing glasses (300mm X 300mm X 50mm) having high refractive indices
  • Zeolite membranes

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