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Mr. Pradip Kumar Mandal

Refractories Division

Phone: (033) 24733496 ( Ext.3433 )

E-mail: pkm@cgcri.res.in

B.Sc. (Tech.) (Ceramic Technology), University of Calcutta

Mr. Mandal joined CGCRI on 3rd june 1977

Research Interest
Refractories with special references to Castables, Porous refractories (starting from development, processing, characterization.

Professional Career
OrganisationPosition HeldDuration
Harry Refractories & Ceramic Works(P) Ltd. Assistant Chemist 1972 - 1977
CGCRI Kolkata Senior Scientific Assistant/Scientist 1977- till date

  • Best poster paper Award by IREFCON 98

Selected Publications

Selected papers
  1. "No cement high alumina self flow castable" S K Das,R Sarkar, P K Mandal, S Mukherjee -Am.Ceram.Soc.Bull. 82(2)Feb 2003pp.55-59
  2. "Effect of Synthetic aggregate on Alumina Castable" S K Das, P K Mandal ,R Sarkar - Am.Ceram. Soc. Bull. 82 (10) Oct 2003 pp911-916
  3. "Phase and microstructure evolution during hydrothermal solidification of clay-quartz mixure with marble dust source of reactive lime." R Sarkar, S K Das, P K Mandal, H S Maiti - JECS vol 26 pp. 297-304 (2006 )
  4. "Fibre reinforced self flow no cement high alumina castable-A study" R Sarkar, S K Das, P K Mandal,S.Mukhrjee, S.Dasgupta - Trans.Ind.Ceram.Soc. Vol-62, ( 1),(2003) p. 34-37.
  5. "Investigation of mortar and stone deterioration in the Victoria Memorial, Calcutta" Shondeep L Sarkar,University of Sherbrooke,Canada, A K Bhadra and P K Mandal,CGCRI - Materials and Structures, 1994, 27 p. 548-556
  6. "Alumina and Silica sol as binders in a typical ULC Castable" S Mukherjee , M K Mahapatra, P K Mandal, S K Das - Trans. Ind. Ceram. Soc.Vol-62 (2) Apr-June (2003) p. 106-111

Patents filed / Granted
Indian :6;
  1. A process for the production of microporous insulating materials.- P K Mandal , S K Das , S N Mukherjee, G Banerjee. File no 609/DEL/2000 dt 23/06/2000
  2. A process for the preparation of porous refractory aggregates. - S Dasgupta, S K Das, P K Mandal. File no 1202/DEL/2000 dt 26/02/2000
  3. A process for the production of high temperature ceramic filter used for molten metal filtration.- P K Mandal, S K Das, S Mukherjee, T K Mukhopadhayay, B Mukherjee. File no 608/DEL/2000 dt 23/06/2000 li>A process for the production of rice husk ash nodules useful as heat insulating material. - S K Das, P K Mandal. File no 62/DEL/02 dt 30/01/02
  4. A process for the production of high alumina containing self flow castable and cast product thereof. - S K Das, P K Mandal, S N Mukherjee.File no 121/DEL/02 dt 15/02/02
  5. A process for the production of low cost porous ceramic tiles using marble dust. - R Sarkar, S K Das, P K Mandal, H S Maiti. File no 215/DEL/03 dt 04/03/03

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