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 Nano-Structured Materials 


This division has been created to consolidate research on nano-materials and develop nano-technologies in the Institute. The focus of the division's activities are (i) understanding the fundamental size dependence of various physical and chemical properties of ceramic, glassy and composite materials in nanoscale limit and (ii) developing products/technologies based on nano-technology for commercial usage. A range of functional nano-materials including elemental metals, semiconductors, oxides, composites are currently being synthesized by novel routes both in powder and thin film form and their size dependent properties are being explored. Areas such as anti-scratch coatings, anti-reflective and reflective coatings on plastics based on inorganic-organic hybrids, optically active (NIR absorbing, colored) coatings incorporated with nanoparticles of metal, metal-alloy/core-shell etc, plasmon tuning of nanometals in dielectric films, hydrophobic coatings, reusable catalysts in thin film form, mixed-ion semiconducting oxides for gas sensor applications, single phase multiferroics for magnetoelectric sensors etc are of special importance. Apart from generating useful knowledge base on the synthesis of nano-materials and their properties, products such as 'hard coatings on polycarbonate sheets (600 x 600 mm2)', 'anti-reflective coating on plastic lenses and sheets' are ready for commercialization while technologies such as 'anti-scratch coatings on plastic ophthalmic lenses' have already been commercialized.

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