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Mechanical Property Evaluation Section


CGCRI is the pioneer in research on non-oxide ceramics in India and has the cutting edge. The materials dealt with are silicon nitride, SiAlONs, AlON, aluminum nitride, silicon carbide and composites with carbon fiber and CNT having an aim to use the materials in low and high temperature structural applications. The products developed are dense silicon nitride hybrid ball bearings and abrasion resistant components, aluminum nitride as impact resistant material, AlON for visible and IR transparent windows, reaction bonded silicon nitride porous tube for acid electrolysis, hexagonal boron nitride powder for high temperature lubrication. Present research includes both basic research and product development on multi-layer composite, carbon fiber reinforced wear resistant auto clutch component, hard SiAlON cutting tools, bio-mimetic silicon carbide for high temperature filter. The division also possesses equipment for room temperature and high temperature mechanical property evaluation in macro- to micro-levels. Correlation of material-microstructure-property is the other area of research of the division.

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