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 CGCRI Outreach Centre - Khurja 

Major Achievements
Development of :-
  • Bone china porcelain.
  • Low maturing stoneware body for manufacturing crockery
  • Unglazed and glazed terracotta flooring and facing tiles.
  • Low cost rural sanitary ware.
  • Ceramic water filter candle from white and red burning clay.
  • High strength black pottery.
  • Glazed tableware by utilizing common clay.
  • Low temperature glaze and frit.
  • Different types of colour strength.
  • Wood fired high efficiency cook stove.
  • Matt glazed stoneware
  • Raw bone calcination kiln
  • Oil and gas fired chamber kiln for rural industry.
  • Gas fired furnace for making glass beads and jewellery decoration.
  • High alumina body for production of abrasive resistant tiles / ceramic ferrule etc.
  • Fast fired body for making crockery ware
  • Cordierite-Mullite kiln furniture.
  • T&D programme on different aspects in the filed of ceramics.

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