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Technologies Developed / Under Development

  1. Erbium doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) for CATV application jointly with the industrial partner NeST Photonics. The commercial product was launched on 28.08.2005.
  2. Gain flattened EDFA (C-band) for WDM application (up to 22 dBm output power)
  3. Core technologies / processes for specialty optical fibers such as
    • Intrinsically gain flattened Er doped fiber for optical amplifier
    • Large core Yb2O3 doped fibre for fibre lasers
    • Yb2O3-doped fiber for fiber lasers based on nano-engineered glass host
    • Tm2O3 and Tm2O3+Yb2O3 doped fiber for fiber lasers
    • Intrinsically photosensitive optical fibre for writing fibre Bragg-grating
    • Rare-earth doped polarizing Photonic Crystal Fibre (PCF) for high power amplifiers and lasers
    • Highly non-linear PCF for supercontinuum sources
    • Special GeO2 doped SM fibre for use at 630nm and 980nm
  4. Technology for developing fiber Bragg grating based components like Gain Flattening Filters (GFF), Linear tilt/edge filter, Filters with ultra narrow linewidth, WDM filters, Bragg gratings and long period gratings for sensor application
  5. Developed Bragg grating based temperature sensing system for online temperature monitoring of high voltage power transmission lines.
  6. Developed Supercontinuum Light Source Technology covering variety of applications like Optical Coherence Tomography, Broadband Spectroscopy, Flow Cytometry etc. jointly with the industrial partner Vinvish Technologies, Trivandrum.
  7. “Broad Spectrum Confocal Microscope” has been conceived and realized under CSIR-NMITLI programme in association with Vinvish Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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