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List of Ongoing National Projects
Sl. No.Title of the ProjectProject CategoryParticipating Agencies Duration
1. “Development of new class of multimaterial glass based photosensitive fiber and regenerated fiber Bragg grating sensors for operation at high temperature beyond 10000C” GAP-0149 Applied ResearchDST-SERB2017 –2020
2. “Development of a prototype multi-channel optical vibration sensor system using fiber Bragg grating technology” GAP-0152 Applied ResearchNTPC2016-2018
3. “Development of Fiber Bragg Grating Laser for sensor applications”GAP-0153 Applied ResearchDRDO-NPOL2017 –2019
4. “Fiber Bragg grating based Pressure Sensor and Interrogation System” GAP-0154 Applied ResearchDRDL2017 –2019
5. “Generation of high pulse energy ultrafast mode-locked all fiber Yb-LASER” GAP-0156 Applied ResearchDST-SERB2017- 2020
6. “Development and experimental study of hollow core photonic crystal fibers for efficient laser beam delivery in the infrared region for medical and micromachining applications” GAP-0163 Applied ResearchDST Early Career Research Award’ scheme2018-2021
7. "Theoretical Study and Analysis of Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fibre for the Application of Gas Sensor" GAP-0165 Applied ResearchDST-SERB2018 –2021
8. “Chalcogenide glass and fibers for mid infrared photonics applications” MLP-0104 Applied ResearchCSIR-FBR project under 4M2018 –2020
9. “1KW Fiber Laser for Industrial Applications” MLP-0103 Applied ResearchCSIR2018 –2020
10. “100W CW/Modulated Thulium fibre laser at 1.94µm for efficient tissuevaporization and at 2.05 µm for strategic application” MLP-0102 Applied ResearchCSIR2018 –2020
11. “Technologies for robust structural health monitoring of critical infrastructure and conservation & restoration of heritage structures” HCP-0018 Applied ResearchCSIR2018 –2020
12. “Development of process for real time temperature mapping for 4 faces of the billet mould using densely multiplexed Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors” SSP-0149 Applied ResearchTata Steel2017-2019
13. “Development of Online Temperature Monitoring System for Blow Pipes in Blast Furnaces (BFs) using FBG Sensors” SSP-0148 Applied ResearchTata Steel2018-2019
List of Ongoing International Projects
1. “Development of ultra-broadband (1100-2200 nm) light sources based on modified nano-engineered silica glass optical fibers doped with bismuth and multiple rare-earths toward OCT applications” GAP-0162 Applied ResearchIndo-Portugal Collaborative Research Work under DSTSeptember, 2017 – September, 2020
2. Development of hollow core photonic crystal fiber for efficient transmission at 3 micron wavelength for clinical studies GAP 0164 Applied ResearchDST-DAAD, GermanyJune 2018-2020
3. “Fibre-optic sensor technology for the detection of chemical species in liquid/gas environment using side-polished photonic crystal fiber” GAP-0166 Applied ResearchASEAN_India Collaborative Research project under DSTNovember, 2018- November, 2020
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