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Ongoing Projects
Sl. No.Title of the ProjectDurationSponsored AgencyP.I./Co-P.I.
1. Packaged Fiber Laser Modules for Industrial and Medical Applications (MLP-101) 2016-2018CSIRPI: Dr. Mrinmay Pal
2. Leadership in Specialty Glass and Optical FiberTechnologies (GLASSFIB) Project No: ESC-0202 (GLASSFIB)-WP-1.2 2012-2017CSIR PI: Dr.Ranjan Sen
3. Engineering of Disaster Mitigation and Health Monitoring for Safe and Smart Built Environment (ESC-102)2012-2017CSIRPI: Dr.S Bandyopadhyay
4. Innovative technologies for health assessment and damage mitigation of structures (ESC-110)2012-2017CSIRPI: Dr.S Bandyopadhyay
5. Development of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor for condition Monitoring of Railway Catenary-Pantograph (GAP-0137) 2013-16DeitY, New DelhiPI: Dr.S Bandyopadhyay
6. Packaged Fiber Laser Modules for making ‘stents’ and marking plastic ballons as well as orthopaedic parts (GAP-0146) 2014-2017Department of Elec-tronics & Informa- tion Technology (DeitY)PI: Dr. Ranjan Sen
7. Experimental study and development of fibre-optic chemical sensor using an optical fibre-loop ring resonator (GAP-0141)2013-2017 DST FundedPI: Dr. Tarun Gangopadhyay
8. Development of novel nano-engineered silica glass based Yb2O3 doped optical fibre with low photo darkening phenomena for high power fiber laser (GAP-0145) 2014-17DSTPI: Dr. Mukul.C.Paul
9. Development of online temperature monitoring system for mould in Bilet Caster using fibre Bragg grating (FBG) sensors (SSP-0144) 2015-2016Tata SteelPI-Dr.S Bandyopadhyay
10. Design and development of photonic crystal cladded and double cladded Er and Er/Yb fibers, and application demonstration of high-power optical amplifier (TLP-0007) 2015-17CSIR-NMITLI PI: Dr. Mukul.C.Paul
11. Development of nano-engineered glass based optical fibre with Cr+4 doped VAG nano particles for use as abroad band light source within 1110-1500nm (GAP-0142) To be completed in 2016 DST-Nano-MissionPI: Dr. Mukul.C.Paul
12. Synthesis of Standardized Gamma radiation sensitive Optical fiber for making Optical Fiber Dosimeter System (SSP-0142) To be completed in 2016 DRDOPI: Dr. Mukul.C.Paul
Ongoing International Projects
1. Thulium-doped Fiber Laser at 2 micron for Surgical Urology2014-2016CSIR-BMBF with Technical University of BraunschweigPI: Dr. Atasi Pal
2. Study and development of non-invasive ambulatory respiratory and cardiac monitoring system for mobile health monitoring using photonic crystal fibre2015-2017 Kingston University (UKIERI) PI: Dr. Tarun Gangopadhyay
3.Studies of multicomponent hafnium-silica glass-ceramic based optical fibers doped with rare earths and metal nanoparticles for broadband light sources for 2 to 3 micron spectral range 2015-2017 DST, India with Lomonosov Moscow State University, Physics Department, Moscow, RUSSIA PI:Dr. Mukul.C.Paul
4. A robust fiber optic sensor to detect low level of ammonia for early detection of disease2015-2018 DST, India with IOS, Institute for Environmental Protection & Sensors Ltd. Moribor, Slovenia PI: Dr. Anirban Dhar
5. Study of cost-efficient integration system for extrinsic Fabry-Petor sensors using dispersion modified optical fibers 2015-2018 DST, India with Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Maribor, Slovenia PI: Dr. Tarun Gangopadhyay

List of completed projects:
Sl. No.Title of the ProjectSource of Funding
1. Photonics for Communication, Laser and Sensor Technology Govt.
2. Development of Polarization Maintaining Optical Fiber RCI, Hyderabad
3. Development of Rare Earth Doped Fibers for High Power Fiber Lasers through Nanoparticle Deposition Govt.
4. Development of thulium doped optical fiber for use as fiber laser in medical and industrial applications Govt.
5. Development of Fibre Optic Dosimeter for wide range gamma radiation environment Govt.
6. Development of Silica based Segmented Cladding Fiber Govt.
7. Development and supply of Bragg grating Sensors for health monitoring of satellite structure Govt.
8. Development And Characterization Of Fiber Bragg Grating Based Acoustic Emission Sensor Govt.
9. Process development of radiation resistant optical fiber Govt.
10. Fabrication of planar optical waveguide by embossing of oxide films for use as optical sensors Govt.
11. Design, Development and Fabrication of Optical Interconnects Waveguide Govt.
12. Development of radiation resistant fibre Govt.
13. Development of special purpose optical fibre and fibre lasers Govt.
14. Development of high birefringent PM/SPSM optical fibre for use at 1550 nm Govt.
15. Preparation of fused single mode fibre coupler -low and high birefringent types Govt.
16. Development of special optical fibre for writing FBG Govt.
17. Development & Fabrication of Gamma Radiation soft Optical Fibres Govt.
18. Development of suitable preforms and optical fibers using MCVD technique for their applications in Fiber lasers, Bragg Gratings and distributed sensors. Govt.
19. Development of Narrow Line Width Tunable Fibre Laser Source Govt.
20. Development of Bragg grating strain sensor for use at elevated temperature Govt.
21. Design and Fabrication of Index Guided Photonic Crystal Fibre Govt.
22. Index Guided Photonic Crystal Fibre Technology Fabrication of Rare Earth doped Fibers needed for Fiber Lasers Govt.
23. Development of key technologies for photonics and opto-electronics Govt.
24. Design and fabrication of all fiber supercontiniuum light source with application demonstration on spectroscopic signature detection Govt.
25. Experimental study of gas-filled hollow core photonic crystal fibres (HC-PCF) for UV-visible laser generation Govt.
26. Synthesis of Standardized Gamma radiation sensitive Optical fiber for making Optical Fiber Dosimeter System. Govt.
27. Process Development of Radiation Resistant Optical Fiber Govt.
28. Development of regenerated fiber Bragg grating (RFBG) based strain sensor with suitable encapsulation for high temperature application Govt.
29. Development of a prototype fiber Bragg grating sensor system for temperature measurement of flue gas/air in air pre-heater NTPC
30. Thulium Doped ‘All-Fiber’ MOPA at 2 µm region for Medical Application Govt.
List of completed Foreign Collaborative Project
1. Design and evaluation of special Yb:Tm fiber lasers for sensor applications CSIR, India -Royal Society, UK with School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, City University London
2. Nano-engineered fiber for next generation optical fiber devices CSIR, India -Royal Society, UK with ORC, Southampton University, U.K.
3. In-Fibre Long Period Grating based Hydrogen Sensing using thin Palladium films CSIR, India -Royal Society, UK with Heriot-Watt University (Department of Physics), Edinburgh, Scotland
4. Development and Characterization of visible upconversion fiber laser based on modified silica host Collaborative project under Brain Gain Malaysia Programme of Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), Malaysia
5. Fiber laser through development of Yb2O3-doped large core fiber based on nano-engineered suitable glass host DST,India -CONACYT, Mexico S&T Cooperation Program
6. Rare-earth doped photonics crystal fiber laser sources Royal Society (UK) award project with Heriot Watt University
7. Fibre-optic sensor technology for detection of chemical species in liquid/gas environments using fibre loop / FBG based resonators INDO-ITALY Joint Project Under CNR, Italy-CSIR, India bilateral S&T Programme
8. Modeling and fabrication of rare-earth (RE) doped double-cladded polarizing Photonic Crystal Fibre (PCF) for high power amplifiers and lasers Japanese-Indian Cooperative Program on "Multidisciplinary Research Field"
9. R&D on Specialty Optical Fibres and Fibre-based Components for Optical Communications. Indo-French Programme of Cooperation in Science & Technology through DST, Govt. of India
10. Spectroscopic properties of coated ceramic nanoparticles and their use as optical fibres and micro-lasers Indo-Israel joint programme sponsored by DST
11. Development of Long period grating (LPG) based immunoassay for bio-sensing application CSIR, India and CNR-Italy With CNR-IFAC, Florence
12. Regenerated fiber Bragg grating as sensors for structural health monitoring at extreme conditionDST, Govt. of India and DAAD-Germany with IPHT, Jena, Germany
13. Fiber grating and active fiber based refractometric sensors for detection of biological and chemical species DST, Govt. of India and FCT-Portugal with INESC Porto
14. Radiation-Hard/Soft Optical Fiber Sensors for Nuclear and Medical Applications UKERI With School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, City University London
15. Advanced multicore components for next generation optical communications and sensing" UKIERI with Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Scottland
16. Development of Special Type of Dual-Core Erbium doped Fiber Multimedia University, Malaysia
17. Development and characterization of visible Up-conversion fiber laser based on modified silica glass host Multimedia University, Malaysia
18. Development of high GeO2 doped optical fiber for research applications Multimedia University, Malaysia

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