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Sol-gel processing is one of the most versatile techniques for the preparation of wide range of glass and ceramic materials in different forms. The sol-gel activity at CGCRI, Kolkata was initiated in the year 1981. Since then different areas related to the development of plasma grade oxide powders, nanoparticles, ceramic oxide fibres, ceramic matrix composites (CMCs), thin films having antireflective (AR), antiglare, laser damage resistant, electrochromic, low emissivity and photocatalytic properties and high purity silica glass have been undertaken. Based on the activities in this area, a high level international collaboration has also been established. The sol-gel AR coated ophthalmic glass lenses have been commercialized by an Indian Company. Presently, the Division is actively involved in the development of surface patterned films for grating coupler planar optical waveguide sensors, self-cleaning/hydrophilic coatings, mesoporous alumina-based transition metal nanocatalysts for CO oxidation, zeolite based membrane for water-alcohol separation.

The research team of the Division comprise: Three (3) Scientists, Three (03) Technical staffs, and Seven (7) Research fellows.

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