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Technologies Developed / Under Development
  1. "Sol-gel application of anti-glare coating on ophthalmic lenses" has been transferred to (i) Antiglare Coater, Kanpur in 1992 and (ii) Lucifer Enterprise, Delhi in 1995.

  2. "Sol-gel application of anti-glare coating on sheet glass" has been transferred to Ghantiwala Anti-glare Coater, Gujrat in 1993.

  3. "Sol-gel application of antireflective coatings on ophthalmic and other circular glass lenses" has been transferred to (i) Bharat Electronics Limited, Taloja in 1995 and (ii) Advanced Surface Technology, Gurgaon in 1996.

  4. "High pure silica glass discs, plates and rods by sol-gel processing" has been transferred to Akemi-al, Kolkata in 1998.

  5. "Microwave assisted low emissivity indium tin oxide sol-gel coating on soda-lime -silica glass"

  6. "Sol-gel based indium tin oxide foam with microwave absorbing property"

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