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  ::  Profile of Dr. P. Sujatha Devi  ::  
P. Sujatha Devi, Ph.D
Senior Principal Scientist and Head
Functional Materials & Devices Division

Room No: 203 Phone: 033- 2322-3487
FAX: +91-33-24730957
E-mail: psujathadevi@cgcri.res.in

B.Sc. (1983, Chemistry), University of Kerala
M.Sc. (1985, Chemistry), M. G. University, Kerala (First Rank)
Ph.D. (Inorganic Chemistry, 1991), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Dr. Sujatha Devi joined CSIR-CGCRI on 4th June 1997

Research Interests 
AREA OF SPECIALIZATION: Materials Science and Technology

Advanced functional materials and nanomaterials for energy, environment and health care applications
  • Advanced materials processing and structure property correlations
  • Functional ceramics, Semiconducting oxides, Gas sensors (BRNS,CSIR)
  • Application of nano-electroceramics, ion-conducting and mixed conducting ceramics(CSIR)
  • Dye sensitized and QD sensitized solar cells and related materials (MNRE)
  • Multifunctional nano materials for drug delivery applications (CSIR)
  • Multifunctional nanomaterials and probes for DNA and other bio sensing applications (CSIR)
  • Catalytic materials for hydrogen production and clean water (CSIR)
  • Water quality assessments and sensors for the quality checking of water (CSIR 800)

Professional Career

CGCRI, KolkataSenior Principal Scientist2012-onwards
CGCRI, KolkataPrincipal Scientist2008-2012
CGCRI, Kolkata Scientist B-Scientist E1 1997-2008
CGCRI, KolkataPool Officer (CSIR)1996-1997
Queens College of the City University of New York, USAPost-doctoral Associate1994-1996
CGCRI, KolkataResearch Associate (CSIR)1992-1993

  • MRSI-ICSC Superconductivity & Materials Science Annual Prize (2017).
  • Who’s Who in Thermal Analysis, Compiled by Springer 2015.
  • Fellow, West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology (FAScT) (2012).
  • Member, National Academy of Sciences (MNASc) Allahabad, India (2007).
  • P. K. Kunju Sahib Award for Excellence in Chemistry (2010) from MSM College, Kayamkulam, Kerala.
  • MRSI Medal (2008): Awarded by the Materials Research Society of India.
  • Dr. Lakshmi Gold Medal (2005): Awarded by the Indian Association of Solid State Chemists and Allied Scientists (ISCAS).
  • Rheometric Scientific-ITAS National Award (1998): Awarded by the Indian Thermal Analysis Society in co-operation with Rheometric Scientific, UK.
  • Dr. R. L. Thakur Memorial National Award for Young Scientists (1997): Awarded by the Indian Ceramic Society.
  • First Rank with Distinction (1985) at the MSc. Final Examination of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India.
  • T. T. Chacko Memorial Award (1985) for Securing First Rank at the MSc. Examination Awarded by St. Berchmans' College, Changanacherry, Kerala, India.
  • National Merit Scholarship (1983-1985):Government of India.

Best Poster Awards (2017-2010)
  1. 2nd best poster award for the poster presentation entitled “Enhanced Stability of Zn2SnO4 Ceramics as a Photoanode in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells” by Anurag Roy, Partha Pratim Das, Sumita Das and P. Sujatha Devi during International Conference on Ceramic, Glass and Refractories-Emerging Innovation and 80th Annual General Meeting of Indian Ceramic Society, at CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, 13-15 December, 2016.
  2. Best Poster Award entitled “Photo-voltaic and catalytic Performance of Anatase TiO2 Nanocubes with Coexposed {101} and {001} facets” by Soumita Mukhopadhyay and P. Sujatha Devi in Young Scientists’ Colloquim-2016 organized by Materials research Society of India (Kolkata Chapter) and S.N. Bose National Center for Basic Sciences on 16th September, 2016.
  3. Anurag Roy, Partha Pratim Das, M Tathavadekar and P. Sujatha Devi, Sensor and Actuator Division has received the “Best Poster Award” for the poster presentation entitled “Electrospun Zn2SnO4 Photoanodes for Dye Sensitized Solar Cell” during the Materials Research Society of India (MRSI) Symposium on ‘Advanced Materials for Sustainable Applications’ and the 27th Annual General Meeting of MRSI held during 18-21 February, 2016 at CSIR-NEIST.
  4. Sumita Das for the Poster presentation entitled as “A Novel Strategy to Generate White Light Emission from mixture of ZnO and Escherichia coli DNA” by on 4th Research Scholars’ Day: Annual Workshop organized by CSIR-CGCRI, Kolkata, 18th September, 2015.
  5. Subas C. Mohanta for the poster entitled “PEGylated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as Stable Bioceramic for Drug Delivery Application” by on 4th Research Scholars’ Day: Annual Workshop organized by CSIR-CGCRI, Kolkata, 18th September, 2015.
  6. Soumita Mukhopadhyay, and P. Sujatha Devi, for the presentation entitled “Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity of Al doped ZnO Nanoparticles”, at the AOFC-2015, CSIR-CGCRI Kolkata,March 2015.
  7. Debabrata Maiti, Arindam Saha, P. Sujatha Devi, for the presentation entitled “Smart Multifunctional Nanoparticles Carry both Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Anti-Cancer Drug Molecules” at the AOFC-2015, CSIR-CGCRI Kolkata, March 2015.
  8. Debabrata Maiti, Arindam Saha, and P. Sujatha Devi, for the presentation entitled” Multifunctional ZnFe2O4 Nanoparticle Based Dual Drug Delivery Platform at the 26th AGM of the Materials Research Society of India held at Jaipur during February, 2015.
  9. Partha Pratim Das, Anurag Roy, Shruti A. Agarkar, P. Sujatha Devi for the presentation entitled” Zn2SnO4 Nanostructures as Photoanodes for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells at the Second International conference on Nanotechnology and Indo-US Joint Symposium held at Haldia Institute of Technology, February, 2015.This poster was selected for the first prize among the poster session.
  10. A. Jana, N. R. Bandyopadhyay and P. Sujatha Devi, for the presentation entitled “Size controlled synthesis of ZnO rods via sonochemical process, at the 22nd AGM meeting of the Materials Research Sociey of India, February 14-16, 2011, AMPRI, Bhopal.
  11. P. Sujatha Devi, S. Banerjee, and K. Priolkar, for the presentation entitled “Some interesting observations and new insights into the local structure of Ce0.8M0.2O2-δ, (M = Ca, Gd, Sm) Solid Solutions”, at the International Symposium on Energy Materials: Challenges and Oportunities, March, 2011, CGCRI, Kolkata.
  12. S. Majumdar, P. Nag and P. Sujatha Devi, for the presentation entitled “CNT-SnO2 composite as an efficient H2 gas sensing material”, at the International Symposium on Advances in Nanomaterials, December, 2010, CGCRI, Kolkata.
Best Oral Presentation
Dr. Arindam Saha, CSIR Nehru Post -doctoral fellow, won 2nd prize for the paper “Highly reproducible and sensitive detection of small organic pollutants via reduced graphene oxide based “Turn-On” fluorescent sensor during the national conference on nanotechnology for better living 2016, at Srinagar.
Dr. Arindam Saha for his talk entitled “Multifunctional Nanomaterials as Responsive Drug Delivery System” during the International Conference on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology NANO-2015, Tiruchengode, Tamilnadu, 7-10th December, 2015.
Partha Pratim Das, Research Scholars Day, 20th August 2014 at CSIR-CGCRI
Best Thesis Award
Dr. Gurdip Singh best thesis award from Indian Thermal Analysis Society, BARC, Mumbai to Dr. S. Banerjee, Ph.D student for her thesis entitled “Processing and characterization of oxide ion conducting materials with fluorite structure”.

Major Organizational Committees
  • Secretary, Research Council, 2017
  • Member, Management Council, 2016-2017
  • Chairman, Website Committee, 2015-
  • Member, Standing complaint committee, 2015-2018
  • Student Counselor, 2015-

Recognitions in Professional Societies
  • Council Member, Chemical Research Society of India (2017-2020)
  • Council Member, West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology (2017-2018)
  • Council Member, Indian Ceramic Society (2015-2018)
  • Council Member, Materials Research Society of India (2015-2018)
  • Council Member, DNA Society of India (2015-2017)
  • Council Member, Society for Materials Chemistry(2013-2016)
  • Council Member, Indian Thermal Analysis Society, (2005-2012)
  • Secretary, MRSI, Kolkata Chapter(2010-2018)
  • Secretary, DNA Society of India (2015-2017)
  • Member, Materials Science Section of the Indian Science Congress Association (2010).
  • Group Chairman of the Solid State Electrochemistry Group of the Society for Advancement of Electrochemical Science and Technology, CECRI Campus, Karaikkudi (2009).

Professional Recognitions
Membership in organizational / national / international committees:
  • Member, National Advisory Commmitee, Annual General Meeting and 7thSymposium of DNA Society of India on the theme “Importance of DNA Fingerprinting, Cataloguing and Utilization of the Bioresources of the North-East India” to be held at IASST, Guwahati on 16- 17 May, 2017.
  • Member, Technical Committee, 1st International conference on electronics, materials engineering and nanotechnology, Institute of engineering and management, Science city, Kolkata28-29, April 2017.
  • Member, National Organising Committee, 2nd international conference on alumina and other functional ceramics, 15-17, February, 2017, CGCRI, Kolkata.
  • Member, National Advisory Committee, International Conference on Emerging Trends in Nanomaterials Science & Technology( ICETNMST) during 4 – 6 January, 2017, NIT Nagaland.
  • Member, National Advisory Committee, International Congress on Friedreich’s Ataxia and DNA Structure in Health & Disease, AIIMS, New Delhi, 11-13th April 2015.
  • Member, National Organising Committee, International Conference on Recent Trends in Energy Technologies , ICRTET-2016 organized by Department of Chemical Engineering, Haldia Institute of Technology, Haldia, January 21-23, 2016.
  • Member, National Organising Committee, National Conference on Functional Glasses/Glass Ceramics and Ceramics, organized by MRSI Mumbai Chapter and VNIT, Nagpur, 10-12 December 2015.
  • Co-chair, Theme Symposium on Glass, IUMRS-ICAM-2013 during 16-20 December 2013 at Bangalore.
  • Co-chair, Theme Symposium on Sensor Materials, IUMRS-ICAM-2007 held at Bangalore in October 2007.
  • Session chair, Asia NANO2008 conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, held at Biopolis, Singapore 2008.
  • Session chair, on Energy Materials at IUMRS-ICAM 2007, 8-13th October 2007
Editorship in Reputed Journals
  • Editor, Transactions of the Indian Ceramic Society, Taylor & Francis group, UK (2015-2018)
  • Guest Associate Editor for IC-FNM 2016 issue of Materials Today: Proceedings (Elsevier), 2016.
  • Editorial board member, International Journal of Nanoscience and Technology (2013)

Invited Talks Delivered
  1. P. Sujatha Devi, Functional Nanomaterials for Energy and Environmental Applications, 28th AGM of Materials Research Society of India held at IIT-Bombay during 13-15th February 2017.
  2. P. Sujatha Devi, Some New Insights on Size Effect in Semiconducting Gas Sensor Materials: Scope and Limitations of Shrinking to Perfection, International Conference on Emerging Trends in Nanomaterials Science& Technology-2017, NIT, Nagaland, January 4-6, 2017.
  3. P. Sujatha Devi, Synthesis, Size and Shape Dependent Applications of Functional Nanomaterials, International Conference on Advances in Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (ICANN-2016), November 3-4, New Delhi, 2016.
  4. P. Sujatha Devi, Advances in the Area of Functional Nanomaterials Specific to Energy and Environmental applications, BAS-IAP-TWAS-ROCASA Young Scientists Congress and Women Scientists Mentor-Mentee Program 2016, Bangladesh, October 27-29.

Selected Publications
Publications Summary: Total - 113
SCI Indexed: 105; In Conference Proceedings (peer reviewed): 8; Conference Paper Presentations:> 70

Best Publications:
  1. S. Banerjee, P. Sujatha Devi,* D. Topwal, S. Mandal, and S. R. Krishnakumar (2007) Enhanced ionic conductivity in Ce0.8Sm0.2O1.9: unique effect of calcium co-doping. Adv. Funct. Mater. 17, 2847-2854. IF:11.382
  2. A. Kumar, P. Sujatha Devi,* and H. S. Maiti (2004) A novel approach to develop dense lanthanum calcium chromite sintered ceramics with very high conductivity, Chem. Mater. 16, 5562-5563. IF:9.407
  3. S. Mukhopadhyay, P. P. Das, S. Maity, P. Ghosh and P. Sujatha Devi* (2015) Solution grown ZnO rods: Synthesis, characterization and defect mediated photocatalytic activity, Applied Catalysis B . Environmental 65, 128-138.IF: 8.328
  4. Partha Pratim Das, Anurag Roy, MuktaTathavadekar and P. Sujatha Devi*(2017), Photovoltaic and photocatalytic performance of electrospun Zn2SnO4 hollow fibers, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 203, 692-703. IF:8.328
  5. Sumita Das, SrikrishnaPramanik, SabyasachiChatterjee, Partha Pratim Das, P. Sujatha Devi* and Gopinatha Suresh Kumar (2017), Selective Binding of Genomic Escherichia coli DNA with ZnO Leads to White Light Emission: A New Aspect of Nano-Bio Interaction and Interface, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 9 (1), 644–657.IF:7.145
  6. Arindam Saha,* Subas Chandra Mohanta, Kashmiri Deka, Pritam Deb, P. Sujatha Devi*(2017), Surface Engineered Multifunctional Eu:Gd2O3 Nanoplates for Targeted and pH Responsive Drug Delivery and Multimodal Imaging, , ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 9(4) 4126-4141.IF: 7.145

Patents filed / Granted Patents filed/Granted- 3 numbers
       (i) Foreign

Landmark Research Contributions
  • New synthetic strategies developed for lab scale and large scale production of functional oxides.
  • New Series of oxide ion conducting materials invented by a co-doping strategy.
  • New methods developed for fabricating dense ceramic interconnect materials for SOFC.
  • Butane and hydrogen selective sensors fabricated by tuning the size of particles to the nanoregime.
  • New materials identified for H2 and SO2 sensing.

PhD Supervision
Ph.D Supervision: Completed = 9
  1. Dr. Abhoy Kumar, Jadavpur University (Ph. D Eng., 2010).
  2. Dr. Suparna Banerjee, Jadavpur University (Ph.D Sci., 2010).
  3. Dr. Sanhita Majumdar, Jadavpur University (Ph.D Sci., 2012).
  4. Dr. Arpita Jana, IIEST, Shibpur, (Ph.D Eng., 2014).
  5. Dr. Santanu Basu, IIEST, Shibpur (Ph.D Eng., 2015).
  6. Dr. Partha Pratim Das, Jadavpur University (Ph.D Sci., 2016
  7. Dr. Debabrata Maiti, Jadavpur University (Ph.D Sci., 2016).
  8. Dr. Pratanu Nag, IIEST, Shibpur, (Ph.D Eng. 2017).
  9. Ms. Soumita Mukhopadhyay, Jadavpur University (Ph.D Sci., 2016, submitted)
Ph.D Ongoing = 5
(Topics: Dye/Quantum Dot sensitized solar cell materials- Photoanode materials, p-type oxides, quantum dots, carbon nanoparticles and Drug delivery applications-magnetic and multifunctional nanomaterials, DNA Biosensing-Plasmonic and multifunctional nanomaterials)

Post Doctoral Fellow
Dr. Arindam Saha, CSIR-Nehru Post Doctoral Fellow
Dr. M. Mehedi Hassan ( DST-SERB Young Scientist)

International Students (Alumni)
Mr. Adedokun Oluwaseun, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Nigeria NAM S&T Centre Research Training Fellowship for Developing Country Scientist (RTF-DCS), December 2016.
Mr. Adedokun Oluwaseun, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Nigeria (CSIR-TWAS Fellow, 2014-2015)
Mr. Sulalit Bandyopadhyay, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway (NTNU, 2014-2015)

M.Tech: Completed = 3
Indian Academy Summer Research Fellows: 5

Membership in Professional Societies
  1. American Chemical Society, three year membership award (2015-2018)
  2. American Ceramic Society (2015)
  3. DNA Society of India (DSI), Kolkata (2010)
  4. Indian Society of Analytical Scientists (2009)
  5. Society for Materials Chemistry (2009)
  6. Society for Advancement of Electrochemical Science and Technology (2009)
  7. Society of Ionic Devices (2007)
  8. Chemical Research Society of India (2005)
  9. Indian Council of Chemists (2005)
  10. Powder Metallurgy Association of India (2005)
  11. Indian Association of Solid State Chemists & Allied Scientists (1999)
  12. Material Research Society of India (1998)
  13. Indian Science Congress Association (1998)
  14. Optical Society of India (1997)
  15. Indian Ceramic Society (1997)
  16. Indian Thermal Analysis Society (1993)

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