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Analytical Facility: X-Ray Characterization

Dr Sujata Mazumder
Scientist E-II [Gr.IV(4)] & Head

X-Ray Characterization Section

Phone(033)24733496 (Ex.3461)
FAX: +91-33-24730957
E-mail: smazumder@cgcri.res.in

B.Sc Hons (Physics), Calcutta University
M.Sc (Physics), Jadavpur University
Ph.D (Science), Jadavpur University

Dr. Mazumder joined CGCRI on 12th June 1977
Joined present section in April 2005

Research Interest
  • Crystal structure from X-Ray powder/single crystal diffraction.
  • Modelling of structure from commonly known configuration of moleculer system
  • Evaluation of thermodynamical parameters namely lattice energy, heat of formation etc through evaluation of lattice energy and use of lattice energy to conform crystalline structure determined from x-ray powder diffraction data.
  • Glass / crystal profile analysis for application in amorphous phase analysis
  • Standardless quantitative analysis in multicomponent crystalline system
  • Structural,sintering and electrical properties of ferroelectric/superconducting and magnetoelectric ceramics and corresponding structure � property relation..
  • Nonambient XRD study for kinetics of oxide formation with study on phase transition
  • Study on structure and composition of materials defining properties at small distance .
  • Microstructural parameters and lattice imperfection provided by xrd profile study

  • Invited talk in XXIV National seminar on Crystallography and Microsymposium on crystallography of superconducting materials (1992)
  • Best prize in XXV National conference on crystallography held at Madras (1993) .
  • Member of delegation in XX Congress of International Union of Crystallography,Florence,Italy,2005 by INSA & CSIR
  • Member of delegation to MRS ,USA , Sanfrancisco, 2010.

Selected Publications
Publications: Summary: Reffered papers in journal :14, Nonreferred papers including conference proceedings-17, computer programmes for crystalllograpic analysis/structural conformation through lattice energy: 7;
Selected papers(five):
  1. A standardless method of quantitative phase analysis using X-Ray Powder diffraction , S.Mazumder, J.Appl.Crys,1999,Vol.132.
  2. Structural characterisation of spinel phase in kaolinite-mullite-reaction Series, S.Mazumder&B.Mukherjee,J.Am.Ceram.Soc.66(9)1983,610.
  3. Magnetoelectric behaviour in in-situ grown piezoelectric and piezo- Magnetic composite system, S.Mazumder& G.S.Bhattacharya, Mat. Res.Bull 36(2003).
  4. Design and fabrication of few devices for dynamic measurement of Magnetoelectric effect, G.S.Bhattacharya, S.Mazumder, S.Baish- nab, Journal of Engg & Mat.Sc,Vol 11, 2004,pp185-188.
  5. Synthesis and characterisation of in-situ grown magnetoelectric Composite in BaO-TiO-FeO-CoO system, S.Mazumder, G.S.Bhatta- Charya, Ceramic Internatiuonal, 30( 2004)pp389-392.

Landmark Research Contribution
Development of tools and techniques using X-Ray crystallography for multidisciplinary research in material science related to glass and ceramics of technological importance.

PhD Supervision

Summary: Completed (1)

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