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Santanu Sen
Santanu Sen
Principal Scientist,

Materials Characterization & Instrumentation Division
Specialty Glass Technology Division
Phone :( 033)2473-3496 (Ex.3210)
FAX : (033)2473-0957
E-mail: santanu@cgcri.res.in

B.E.E. Jadavpur University
Santanu Sen joined CGCRI on 08-09-1995

Research Interest
Design, modification & maintenance of Instruments, Furnace and its automatic control system, Process control systems of glass plant, Material characterization, Electrical substation design and load management.

Professional Career
Scientist B Electrical Section, CGCRI. 1995 to 2001
Scientist EI Instrumentation Section, CGCRI. 2001 to till now

Selected Publications
Publications: conference paper & two internal reports.

Landmark Research Contribution
Design and installation of a 1500 KVA Substation and Process Control Systems of Specialty Glass Melting Facility in Institute.

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