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Dr. Lalit Kumar Sharma
Chief Scientist & Scientist-in-Charge

Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute, Khurja Centre, Uttar Pradesh
Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute, Naroda Centre, Gujarat

Phone: (05738) 245433
Mobile : 9412227619
E-mail: lksharma@cgcri.res.in

M.Tech (Materials Technology), IT, BHU
Ph.D (Ceramic Engineering), IT, BHU

Dr. Sharma joined CGCRI on 12.08.2004

Industrial Research interest
Whiteware & Refractories

Professional Career
  • Eagle Potteries Pvt. Ltd. Ghaziabad as R & D Officer for a short period of approximately 6 months in 1984.
  • Hindustan Sanitary ware Industries Ltd., Bahadurgarh as Senior Research Officer for a period of approximately 7 months in 1988-89.
  • Grindwell Norton Ltd Bangalore., as a Executive - QA in Industrial Ceramics Division for a period of 3 years w.e.f. June 89.
  • Karnataka Potteries Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, as works manager for a period of 19 months w.e.f. May 92.
  • Grindwell Norton Ltd. Bangalore as Assistant Manager - Monolithicks, Process Manager and Production Manager of High Performance Refractories Division for 9years w.e.f. Jan 94
  • Algrain Ceramique Corporation, Hosur, Tamil Nadu as General Manager for 17months w.e.f. Mar.03
  • Joined Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute, Khurja Centre in Aug.04.

  • BEST CHAPTER AWARD (2007 & 2012) of Indian Ceramic Society under my Chairmanship.
  • The prestigious GLOBAL STAR AWAWRD during the 2nd Pacific Rim Engineering Ceramics Summit of the 38th Int'l Conf & Expo on Advanced Ceramics & Composites (ICACC 2014) organized by The American Ceramic Society at Daytone Beach, Florida, USA, Jan 25-31, 2014.
  • The GLOBAL AMBASSADOR AWARD by the American Ceramic Society during the 79th Annual Session of the Indian Ceramic Society at Bangalore, December 2015.


In SCI Journals:
  1. "Effect of Dopants on High Alumina Ceramic Materials" L.K.Sharma, G.N.Agrawal, V.C.Joshi, Trans Ind, Ceram.SOC 45(2), 1986.
  2. "Changing Scenario of Khurja WhiteWare Cluster", K.C.Singh & Dinesh Kumar. L.K.Shrama, Indoceram. Vol.42, No.2, 2005
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In Conference Proceedings:
  1. "Effect of CaF2 on Mullite Forming Al203 - SiO2 Mixtures" L.K.Sharma and G.N.Agrawal, published in proceedings of seminar on "Recent Trends in Refractories for continuous casting and secondary steel making" Nov 1987 by B.S.P.Bhilai.
  2. "Effect of TiO2 and Fe2O3 on Mullite forming Al2O3 - SiO2 Mixtures", L.K.Sharma and G.N.Agrawal, published in proceedings of International Conference on Powder Metallurgy and related high Temperature materials", Dec 1987 at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay , India.
  3. "Sintering of Mullite", L.K.Sharma and G.N.Agrawal , presented in International Symposium on "Sintering of Ceramics" organized by Bologna University,Bologna( Italy ) Nov 1988.
  4. "A Study on Talc", Ravi Kumar S.Michael and L.K.Sharma , presented in National Seminar on "Refractories for Ceramic Industries" organized by CTI, BHEL, Bangalore on July 1992.
  5. "A Study of Refractory Testing Technique", P.Nagpal and L.K.Sharma presented in Annual Session of Indian Ceramic society in 1992 at Hotel Taj West End, Bangalore.
  6. 'Utilization of Fired Stoneware Waste", D. Kumar, Amit R. Maliya, C.S. Prasad, L.K. Sharma and A.K. Goel, published in the Proceeding of National Seminar on "Recent Advances in Waste Management - 2009" at IT, BHU, Varanasi. Conducted on 20-21st Feb, 2009
  7. Effect of Cobalt Oxide on willemite Crystalline Glazes on 05.09.12 in the 4th International Conference on “The Characterization and Control of Interfaces for High Quality Advanced materials ” during 2-5th Sep.2012 at Kurashiki, Japan.
  8. Energy Saving through Low Thermal Mass Kiln Cars Base in Ceramic Table ware industries on 06.09.12 at Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Environment & Information Science, Yokohama national University, Yokohama.
  9. Introduction to Kiln Furniture, Kiln Efficiency and Techniques to improve Kiln Efficiency by better Designing on 11.09.12 at Materials and Structures Laboratory, Secure Materials Center, Tokyo institute of technology, Yokohama,Tokyo .
  10. Energy Efficiency Activities at CSIR-CGCRI Khurja Centre on 17.12.12 at Jaipur during the Conference of CERAGLASS 2012.
  11. Invited lecture on Convalescing Energy Efficiency of Firing Process in Khurja White Ware Cluster in India at the 2nd Pacific Rim Engineering Ceramics Summit of the 38th Int'l Conf & Expo on Advanced Ceramics & Composites (ICACC 2014) organized by The American Ceramic Society at Daytone Beach, Florida, Jan 25-31, 2014.

In Books/Monographs:
  1. Raw Materials Data Bank for White Ware Cluster in 2006.
  2. Improvement in Quality through Testing of Ceramic Raw Materials in 2006.
  3. Knowledge Enhancement for Workmen & Supervisors in 2007.
  4. Frequently Asked Questions in Whiteware Industry for the Workmen & Supervisors in 2009
  5. Best Practices in Pottery Industry in 2010

PhD Supervision

Summary: Ongoing (1)
Research Topics: Development of Crystalline Glazes for Ceramic Tablewares.

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