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Major Facilities Available at CSIR-CGCRI, Naroda Centre

Pilot Plant/Materials processing facilities
  • Gradient Furnace, Gabbrielli, GmbH (up to 1200oC).
  • Roller-hearth kiln (up to 1200oC).
  • Hydraulic press for tiles, Gabbrielli, GmbH (specific pressure 300 Kg/cm2).
  • Planetary Mixture.
  • Ribbon blender.
  • Micro pulveriser.
  • Granulator.
  • High alumina mill (10 Kg. capacity).
  • Vibro energy mill (10 Kg. capacity).
  • Filter press (25 Kg. capacity).
  • Magnetic channel.
  • Hydraulic classifier, Richard Mozley, UK, Test Rig.
  • Electric furnaces of various denominations (up to 1700oC), Agni GmbH, Nabertherm, GmbH, Naskar, Bysakh, etc.
  • Gas fired furnace 1200oC.
  • Dearing pug mill, Edward & Jones, UK (8mm, 15mm, 25mm dia.).
  • Jaw crusher.
  • Levigation unit (20 Kg.).
  • Ball mills of 10 Kg. to 100 Kg. capacities.
  • Raising hearth furnace up to 1600oC.
  • Pug mill-Non de-airing.
  • Hot air oven (Trey Dryer).
  • Pot mill.
  • Low temperature water bath.
  • Double disc polishing machine.
  • Hot plate.
  • Dryer.
  • High speed stirrer.
  • Humidifying chambers.
  • Centre polishing machine.
  • Vicat apparatus.
  • Magnetic stirrer.
  • pH meter (model .361).
  • Vertical autoclave.
  • Drying oven for ceramic tiles.
  • Electronic balance Mettler Toledo.
  • Polishing machine.
Facilities for nano coating:
  • Dip coater.
  • Spin coater.
  • Spray pyrolysis set up.
  • Centrifuge.
  • Rotary vaccum evaporator.
  • Ultrasonic coater.
  • Roller furnace for third fired decoration.
  • Polishing machine for nano coating.
Equipments for materials characterization:
  • ICP (Inductive Couple Plasma Analyzer) with microwave digester.
  • Thermal analysis (TG/DTA), Seiko, Japan (up to 1400oC).
  • Laser based Particle Size Analyzer (0.3 to 400 µ) Cilas, France.
  • Spectrophotometer Konica Minolta., Japan (L, a, b values).
  • Glossmeter, Rhopoint, UK.
  • Contact angle analyzer.
  • Dilatometer, Orton USA (up to 1200oC).
  • MOR equipment, Ceramic Instruments, Italy.
  • PIE surface abrasion test, Ceramic Instruments, Italy.
  • Depth abrasion test, Ceramic Instruments, Italy.
  • Autoclaves of different capacities.
  • Tank for vacuum water absorption test, Ceramic Instruments, Italy.
  • FTIR Spectrometer (Spectrum 100), M/s Perkin Elmer Pvt. Ltd., Singapore.
  • Optical microscope model BX-51-N-33-Olympus, Japan.
  • Brookfield viscometer (LVDV II*) BET surface area measurement.
  • Brookfield rheometer for clay slip viscousity & rheological.
  • Slipperiness meter.
  • Compression testing machine.
  • VEE BEE consistometer.

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