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Technical / Support Staff
Debabrata Roy Senior Technical Officer-I
Gr. III (4)
  • Viscous paste preparation and its application on ceramic substrate by screen printing technique for thick film fabrication
  • Operation of Semi-automated Screen Printing machine
Sudip Kumar Ghosh Technical Officer,
Gr. III (3)
  • Operation of various sophisticated equipments, viz. BET-Surface Area Analyzer, Atmosphere Controlled Glove-Box & Coin cell fabrication facilities
Nabanita Chakraborty Technical Officer
Gr. III (3)
  • Operation of different types of advanced characterization instruments like Thermal Analyzer, High Temperature Dilatometer & Scanning Electron Microscope (Tabletop)
Debayan Gupta Technical Officer
Gr. III (3)
  • Operation of various sophisticated equipments like Spray Pyrolyser (for Kg-level ceramic powder preparation), Ultrasonic Spray Coating Unit & Gas Chromatograph And other ceramic fabrication for SOFC Stack Components
Suman Das Technical Officer
Gr. III (3)
  • Operation and testing of multiple-cell SOFC stacks using stack test station
  • Operation of electrochemical test set up & gas permeation test set up for SOFC single cells and associated gas handling & manifolding system.
No image availableAsian Hembrom Technical Officer
Gr. III (3)
  • Operation of Gas Chromatograph
Debabrata Biswas Technical Assistant
  • Operation of sophisticated instruments and testing of samples using Impedance Analyzer, Surface Contour Tracer, Electro-chemical Test Setups of different dimensions & Electrical Conductivity measurement under controlled atmosphere furnace• Fabrication of thick film coatings on SOFC Stack components
Satyendra Nath Barik Tech,
Gr. II (2)
  • Maintenance of electrically heated furnaces (both Imported & Indian make), different lab equipments, e.g., semi-automated polishing machine, mounting machine, etc.
  • Technical Assistance for fabrication of SOFC half Cell.
  • Electrical circuit design and assembly for SOFC stack demonstration.
No image availablePrasenjit Mandal Sr. Tech.(2)
Tapas MisraTechnician, Gr. II (1)
No image availableDr. Pradip Sekhar Das Technician (2)

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