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List of technical staff members in GSTS

Mr. Ranjan Chakraborty
Principal Technical Officer Furnace design, construction, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance. Design of Platinum wares for glass melting, mechanical light machineries, other technical jobs. Procurement of furnaces (resistance heating- raising hearth, muffle, vacuum; induction heating) and allied machineries for specialty glass production and processing.

Mr. Rana Dasgupta
Principal Technical Officer Procurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance of mechanical light machineries, glass melting furnaces like muffle and rocking, glove box and vacuum system. Batch preparation including set up of chalcogenide glass melting facility. Silica glass ampoule joining and sealing under high vacuum using oxy-hydrogen torch. Technical supervision, operation of pilot plant which includes the operation of induction and oil fired furnaces relating to special glass melting and casting. Procurement of furnace and allied machineries for glass production and processing.

Mr. Biswarup Das
Senior Technical Officer (1) Operation and installation of various types of furnaces. Operation of Induction furnace for specialty glasses production and operation of microwave furnace for glass melting. Glass sample production related activities. Procurement of utilities and consumables related to ongoing project activities.

Mr. Pratik Sarkar
Technical Officer Operation of induction furnace for specialty glass production. Operation and maintenance of rocking furnaces and batch preparation in glove box for chalcogenide glass facility. Installation and commissioning of light machineries. Assisting in silica glass ampoule joining and sealing under high vacuum using oxy-hydrogen torch and other related technical jobs. Electrical maintenance of furnaces and related machinery.

Mr. Amar Ghorui
Technician (2) Operation and maintenance of special type cutting, milling, lapping and polishing machines for specialty glass processing, operation and maintenance of distilled water plant and other technical jobs. Testing of glass by using Interferometer.

Reaj Hossain
Technician. (1) Operation and maintenance of different types of furnaces, and machineries of specialty glass plant. Installation and commissioning of various furnaces of different project, operation of batch production unit of specialty glass plant. Operation of micro-hardness testing instrument for testing of hardness for different glass samples and other materials.

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