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Analytical Facility: Electron Microscopy Section
This Section contributes to Institute's R&D work by extending expertise and knowledge base to all researchers on materials characterization using High Resolution Electron Microscopy techniques including HRTEM, FESEM and SEM. The materials characterized include advanced ceramics, glass, composite and nanostructured materials. These advanced techniques are also extended to external users from industries, universities and other research organizations. Specific activities include characterization of surface microstructure and nanostructure of various ceramics and glass using SEM and FESEM, both fitted with EDX spectrometer, High-resolution imaging and microstructural characterization of nanostructured materials including local composition analysis down to a few nanometers size using analytical High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope (HRTEM) fitted with EDX spectrometer. The Section is devoted to development of functional ceramic thin films by Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) techniques. Exploratory work on nanocomposite oxide systems by ball-milling has also been initiated.

Areas of Research
  • Development (synthesis and characterization) of ferro-electric/piezoelectric and metal oxide/nitride ceramic thin films using RF-magnetron sputter deposition technique.
  • Synthesis and characterization of nano-composite oxide systems by high-energy ball milling.

List of major projects, Electron Microscopy Section
Sl. No.Title of ProjectsDurationSource of FundingPrincipal InvestigatorCo-PIs
On-going Projects
1.Technology Assessment & Refurbishment of Engineering Materials & Components - TERAMAC: NWP 0027
Sub-activity: "Sensors and Sensor Devices Based on Piezoelectric Thin Film"
April 2007 - March 2012Govt.Dr. D. K. Bhattachryya (Project co-ordinator) & Dr. S. Sen (till January 2010)Dr. M. Sreemany
2.Design and Fabrication Capabilities for Very High Power Microwave Tubes - NWP 0024
Sub-activity 1: "Metallization of AlN surface with Ti by sputtering technique"
Sub-activity 2: "Processing & characteriza-tion of free standing Diamond window"
April 2007 - March 2012Govt.Dr. D. Basu (Project co-ordinator)Activity 1: Dr. S. Biswas & Dr. M. Sreemany
Activity 2: Dr. S. Bysakh, A. K. Mullick
Completed Projects
3.Custom Tailored Special Materials: CMM 0022 -Task 3
Sub-activity: "Preparation (by R F Sputtering) and Characterization of Nanostructured PZT Thin Films for Electronic and Optoelectronic Applications".
April 2002 - March 2007Govt.Dr. S. SenDr. M. Sreemany
4.Development of real-time sensors for in-situ monitoring of critical engineering structures based on piezoelectric transduction in thin film: COR 0022 - Task 4April 2002 - March 2007Govt.Dr. S. SenDr. M. Sreemany
5.Study on development of rainbow coloured oxide coating on transparent glass substrate using sol-gel process: OLP 060309April 2000 - March, 2003Govt.Dr. S. SenDr. M. Sreemany & Smt. S. Roy
6.Growth and characterization of Gallium Nitride thin films for photo-detector applicationsAugust 2002 - March 2005Govt.Dr. S. SenDr. S. Mahanty

Sectional Facilities
  • Tecnai G2 30ST (FEI Company, USA) High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope
  • Supra 35VP (Carl Zeiss, Germany) Field-emission Scanning Electron Microscope
  • LEO S430i (UK) Scanning Electron Microscope
  • RF Magnetron Sputtering Deposition unit (Hind HiVac, India)
  • Multiview 3000 (Nanonics Imaging Ltd., Israel) Atomic Force Microscope


Group Photograph of Sectional Scientists, Staff, Scholars and Students

Technical / support Staff
Sudakshina RoyTechnical Officer Gr.III(4)Characterization of materials by Scanning Election Microscope (SEM), Operation & routine maintenance of SEM; Processing of oxide thin films by sol-gel technique; Processing of nano powder materials by mechanical ball-milling
Ashok kr. MandalTechnical Officer Gr.III(3)Characterization of materials by Field Emission Scanning Election Microscope (FESEM); Operation & routine maintenance of FESEM
Titir MaityTechnical Assistant Gr.III(2)Deposition of oxide & metallic thin films by RF/DC Magnetron Sputtering System; Operation & routine maintenance of both 3 Target RF/DC Magnetron Sputtering System & Atomic Force Microscope.
Kajari Das GuptaTechnical Assistant Gr.III(2)Characterization of materials by Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM); Operation and routine maintenance of both TEM & AFM
Nitai DeyTechnical Assistant Gr.III(1)Characterization of materials by FESEM & SEM; Specimen preparation for SEM/FESEM/TEM; Operation & routine maintenance of FESEM, SEM, sputter coaters used for specimen coating
Himanshu MajumdarTechnician Gr.II (4)Sample preparation (both powder & bulk) for SEM/FESEM analysis; Operation & routine maintenance of carbon coater used for SEM/FESEM specimen coating; maintenance of EDX detector attached with SEM

Scholars/ Students
Ankita BosePerusing Ph. D. research work as a CSIR-SRFTAREMAC - NWP 0027Dr. M. Sreemany

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