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Analytical Facility: X-ray Characterization Section

Current reaseach project: STS0019
Major programme of XRay characterization section is to render facility for material characterisation and to develop analysis tools to promote multidisciplinary research.. CGCRI X-Ray characterization section has PANalytical X,Pert Pro multipurpose diffractometer which can be refigured to accommodate different Pre Fix (Prealigned Fast Interchangable ) modules and are fully supported by data collection softwares. The product portfolio includes a broad range of XRD system and softwares used for the avnalysis and material characterisation of advanced materials ,nanomaterials, glass & ceramics as synthesized inhouse, products such as cement, metals and steel, plastics, polymers and petrochemicals, industrial minerals, catalysts, semiconductors, thin film .

Major Facilities as developed during 2006 - 2009


Current Programme:
Efficient XRD analysis is being done in the following areas
  1. Quantitative phase analysis for crystalline / amorphous compound. Analytical methods are being developed in case of technologically important Materials / industrial samples . The principle X-Ray diffraction data analysis program is X,Pert High score plus..The principle reference database is ICDD PDF4+ .
  2. Microstructural features that include lattice parameters, lattice type, atom substitution, crystallite sizes /strain, crystallinity, structure determination and refinement from extracted intensity / step intensity data( modified Rietveld method ).
  3. X,Pert Pro MPD system is equipped with Antor Per temperature controlled humidity system. Different atmospheres can be accommodated for experiment at varying temperature ( R.T to H.T ) . The following applications are considered (a) kinetics of growing oxides scales (b) nonisothermal kinetics of high temperature oxidation (c) low to high temperature phase transition
  4. The flexibility of X,Pert Pro MPD extends its use to a wide variety of thin film analysis using GIXRD optic for phase characterisation , layer thickness, roughness and density( reflectivity) using reflectivity software.
  5. Qualititative/Semi-quantitative elemental analysis by X-Ray Fluroscence (AXIOS- Panalytical) using Super Q software .

Group Photograph of Sectional Scientists & Technical Staff


Technical / Support Staff
Dr. (Mrs.) Keka Mukherjee Technical Officer Gr.III(4) 1. Crystalline phase analysis (powder/thin film)using X-Ray
2. SAXS for nano particle analysis
Shri Nirmal Kr. Ghosh Technician Gr.II(4) Sample preparation & data collection in XRF/ XRD machine
Shri Pronab Kr. Nandi Technician Gr.II(4) Sample preparation & data collection in XRD machine using different attachments
Shri Jayanta Madhab Boruah Technician Gr.II(1) Sample preparation & data collection in AXIOS PANalytical XRF Equipment.

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