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Library policy and services rendered to outsiders
Any outside user attached with academic, research and industrial organizations of this region as well as other parts of the country is permitted to use the library facilities after obtaining permission, either by the Director or the competent authority of the Institute.

They may be allowed to consult books, journals and other documents inside the library premises only.

On request, they are provided the following value added services on payment of service charges.
(i) Literature Search Service;
(ii) Document Copy Supply Service; and
(iii) Documentation Services

1. Admission to the Library:
Before entering the library, the outsider shall be required to keep his/her mobile phone in switch off/vibrating mode.

Before using the library facilities, the outsider shall be required to write his/her name, full address and put his/her signature in the "Visitors Register" kept at the Circulation Counter. Such a signature shall be taken as acknowledgement that the person agrees to conform to the rules of the library.

All personal belongings except purses and notebooks shall be kept at the proper place of the library at his/her own responsibility.

2. General Rules:
They are required to maintain perfect silence and discipline in the Library

Proper decorum should be maintained inside the library. Smoking, spitting and sleeping inside the library is strictly prohibited.

No person shall either write upon or make any marking what so ever or underline words or sentences of the books and journals.

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