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CGCRI Products
Hard and abrasion resistant coating

CR-39� (polyallyl bicarbonate) or polycarbonate (PC) grade plastics are of safe use for optical applications. Being transparent,the material can withstand high impact compared to glass but are not scratch resistant enough which deterioriates optical property fast. CGCRI has developed processes based on the organic-inorganic hybrid materials for scratch resistant coatings. The coatings are deposited on plastic ophthalmic lenses(CR-39� and PC ) and PC sheets. The high hardness of these nanocomposites coatings are mainly due to the nanosilica and/or nanoboehmite particles chemically bonded with the highly crosslinked silica-polyethelene oxide/methacrylate network.

Salient Features
  • Pencil Hardness > 6H
  • Passed ASTM tests
  • Passed Steel wool tests
  • No of licencee : 2 (Advanced Surface Technologies, Gurgaon, Haryana and Kumar PolyLenses, Mohali , Chandigarh)

Plastic ophthalmic lenses with hard-coating

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