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Past Employees: 2000

NameDate of JoiningDate of SuperannuatedDesignationDepartmentRemarks
Dr. G Banerjee 1/17/1984 12/31/2000 Scientist Gr IV(6) Refractory Retired
Ms. Aparna Laskar 3/11/1987 12/31/2000 TO Gr III(3) SEM-ESCA Transferred
Mr. Ranjit Chakraborty 7/26/1966 12/26/2000 Support Staff Gr II(3) Deceased
Mr. A K Md Mollah 4/1/1964 12/1/2000 Support Staff Gr II(3) General Furnace Voluntary Retirement
Mr. D D Banerjee 8/4/1995 11/30/2000 COA Administration Retired
Mr. N K Singh 12/19/1994 11/8/2000 DY S&PO Stores & Purchase Transferred
Mr. Rameswar Singh 4/1/1960 10/31/2000 Support Staff Gr II(3) Retired
Mr. N R Banik 9/25/1987 10/17/2000 Support Staff Gr II(3) Optical Glass Division Deceased
Mr. Haridas Bhattacharjee 3/1/1965 10/12/2000 PS Testing & Clalibration Transferred
Ms. Maya Sen 8/28/1980 9/30/2000 Asstt(G) Gr I Establishment Retired
Dr. M K Paria 10/17/1965 9/6/2000 Scientist Gr IV(2) Electro-Ceramics Voluntary Retirement
Mr. Manas Banerjee 5/10/1999 8/31/2000 TO Gr III(4) Transferred
Dr. D Ganguly 1/25/1964 8/31/2000 Scientist Gr IV(5) Sol-Gel Retired
Ms. Sultani Sk 5/17/1985 8/31/2000 Support Staff Gr I(2) Data Bank Retired
Dr. Manjushree Saha 5/21/1977 8/1/2000 Scientist Gr IV(3) Clay & Traditional Ceramics Voluntary Retirement
Mr. G C Basak 12/20/1965 7/31/2000 TO Gr III(6) Documentation Retired
Mr. A K Dutta 3/2/1978 7/31/2000 Support Staff Gr II(3) Generator Retired
Mr. J K Pahari 2/11/1965 6/30/2000 Support Staff Gr I(4) Maintenance Retired
Ms. AnjuKumari Yadav 8/3/1998 6/2/2000 Tech. Asst. Gr III(1) Glass Division Transferred
Mr. N C Chakraborty 10/7/1965 5/31/2000 Support Staff Gr II(3) Stores Retired
Mr. N Halder 7/10/1962 5/31/2000 TO Gr III(6) Enamel Retired
Mr. Nitai Hazra 7/28/1972 5/13/2000 Support Staff Gr I(3) Furnace Deceased
Dr. T K Bandopadhyay 4/8/1963 4/30/2000 Scientist Gr IV(5) OCF Retired
Mr. N Dutta Majumder 10/6/1965 4/30/2000 Support Staff Gr II(3) Optical Glass Division Retired
Dr. Sisir Kanti Mandal 9/3/1997 4/3/2000 Scientist Gr IV(1) Refractories Resigned
Mr. S K Neogi 11/5/1964 4/1/2000 Scientist Gr IV(2) Composite Voluntary Retirement
Mr. S K Basu 2/12/1962 3/31/2000 Scientist Gr IV(2) Refractories Retired
Mr. Amal Kr Bhattacharya 9/16/1961 3/31/2000 TO Gr III(4) Optical Glass Division Retired
Mr. Babu Narayan Mishra 3/15/1961 3/31/2000 Support Staff Gr I(4) Director's Office Retired
Mr. B D Vashisth 5/28/1990 3/15/2000 AO Administration Transferred
Ms. Manasi Roy 5/27/1985 3/12/2000 Support Staff Gr II Library Voluntary Retirement
Dr. S P Chowdhuri 2/17/1978 2/29/2000 Scientist Gr IV(4) Clay & Traditional Ceramics Retired
Mr. S D Prajapati 4/26/1960 2/29/2000 Support Staff Gr II(3) Optical Glass Division Retired
Mr. B M Bishoyi 11/10/1997 2/18/2000 S&PO Stores Transferred
Mr. Mukul Kr Banerjee 5/6/1964 1/31/2000 TO Gr III(5) X-ray Retired
Mr. Abdur Sk Rafique 1/21/1957 1/31/2000 TO Gr III(4) Refractories Retired

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