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Seventh Atma Ram Memorial Lecture [26th August, 2010]
This 7th Atma Ram Memorial Lecture was delivered by Prof. Ajay K Sood, Department of Physics, IISc, Bangalore. The title of his topic was "Graphene and Nanotubes: The Rising Stars of Nanotechnology". Prof. Sood in his deliberation lucidly explained the phenomenon of the carbon nanotubes and graphene which are the one and two-dimensional forms of carbon with many fascinating physical properties translating into new devices and applications. His talk also elaborated the new science being carried out with these nano-systems in his laboratory that has a realizable potential for applications. Examples of his work included the new results on generation of voltage by the flow of air on carbon nanotubes and graphene. The talk aroused a huge response and appreciation. The function was chaired by Prof Ajoy Kumar Ray, Vice-Chancellor, BESU, Sibpur.

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