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International Symposium on Energy Materials : Opportunities and Challenges (ISEM-2011)
Energy is a subject of core concern in present age as fossil fuels are most likely to dwindle if developments continue at accelerated pace. To work out alternatives sources of fuel, therefore, intensive research and innovations are required in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficient conversion and storage devices CGCRI has made significant contribution in generating knowledgebase for green energy by carrying out extensive research in the area of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell(SOFC).The Institute has demonstrated for the first time in India the working of a 10-stacked SOFC in India. The R&D experience gained has been sold offshore to Energy Research Institute at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia through a collaborative programme. Hydrogen as an alternative source of energy is an emerging idea as hydrogen energy gives harmless by-product Collaboration with CSIRO’s Energy Technology, Australia for Novel membrane materials and methods for separating hydrogen for use as an energy carrier is a major ongoing project. Research on special electrodes/electrolytes for Lithium batteries is another major programme.

With so much of focus and concern for solving energy problem through international collaboration, CGCRI organised a two-day International Symposium on Energy Materials : Opportunities and Challenges (ISEM-2011) with in premises during March 01-02, 2011 with the aim to bring together academicians, scientists and technologists on a common platform providing a unique opportunity to them for communication and collaboration on energy crisis whose solution is now demanding concerted international approach. The special significance of the symposium was that it was held as a part of its yearlong Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

The topics deliberated in the workshop were: Fuel Cell, Rechargeable Batteries, Solar Energy, Nuclear Energy, Hydrogen, Energy, Wind Energy, Hydropower, CO2 Capture, Energy Efficiency and Policy

About150 delegates from India and abroad participated in the symposium. Several experts were invited to deliver lectures on different issues on the subject The Keynote address was delivered by Dr. Baldev Raj, Director, IGCAR. There were plenary lectures which were delivered by Dr. S.P.S. Badwal, CSIRO Energy Technology, Australia, Prof. Doron Aurbach, Bar-Ilan University, Israel and Dr. S. Sivaram, CSIR, India. Among the invited speakers, there were overseas participants from USA, Germany, UK, Singapore besides Australia. Among the invited Indian speakers, there were representations from prestigious institutions such as the IITs of Kharagpur, Kanpur, Delhi, Roorkee and Madras ; IISc-Bangalore; IACS- Kolkata BARC-Mumbai, ARCI-Hyderabad, NMRL-Ambernath and a slew of CSIR laboratories such as NAL-Bangalore, CECRI-Karaikudi, NCL-Pune, IMMT-Bhubaneshwar which included the host CGCRI-Kolkata also.

One of the special attractions of the symposium was an Essay cum Poster competition. Three essays were awarded. The winners were : B. Prabhuraj & I.V.S. Prathap of CECRI, Karikudi; Sonali Das of Jadavpur University., Kolkata and Ankita Biswas & Pritha Sanbigrahi of College of Ceramic Technology, Kolkata. The winners received a certificate and two books. In the poster category, four posters were awarded and the winners were Gurpreet Kaur and S. Basu of IIT-Delhi, C. Ghanty, R. N. Basu and S. B. Majumder of IIT-Kharagpur; Luna Pal, M. K. Naskar, D. Kundu and Minati Chatterjee, CGCRI ,Kolkata and P. Sujatha Devi, S. Banerjee, and K. Priolkar of CGCRI, Kolkata The winners were presented with cash prize of Rs 2000/- each. The symposium was sponsored by CSIR-New Delhi, DST-New Delhi, BRNS-Mumbai, MNRE-New Delhi, ISRO-Bangalore and AERB-Mumbai

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