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Group Photograph of Divisional Scientists, Staff and Student

Scientists’ Profile:

Material Characterization and Instrumentation Division (MCID)
Ashim Kumar Chakraborty, Chief Scientist, Head,
Santanu Sen, Sr. Scientist
Dr. Prasanta Kumar Sinha, Sr. Scientist
Mousumi Majumder, Sr. Scientist

Advanced Mechanical and Material Characterization Division (AMMCD)
Dr. Anoop K. Mukhopadhyay, Chief Scientist and Head,
Dr. Monjoy Sreemany, Sr. Scientist
Dr. Jiten Ghosh, Scientist

Advanced Material Characterization Unit (AMCU)
Dr. Goutam De, Chief Scientist and Head
Dr. Sandip Bysakh, Sr. Scientist
Dr. Manju Unnikrishnan, Sr. Scientist
Sh. Siddharth, Scientist

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