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Dr. Monjoy Sreemany
Principal Scientist
Publication Cell

Mobile : +919433809187
FAX: +91-33-24730957

E-mail: m_sreemany@cgcri.res.in

B.Sc. (Physics Hons.), 1984, Burdwan University
M.Sc. (Physics), 1987, IIT Kharagpur
M. Tech. (Cryogenics Engg.), 1989, IIT Kharagpur
Ph.D. (Science), 1996, IIT Kharagpur

Dr. Monjoy Sreemany joined CGCRI on 02.03.1998

Research Interest
Materials Science with special references to Ferroelectric/Piezoelectric and Transition-metal-oxide Thin Films based Smart Structures, Functional Coatings, Nano-structured Materials, Materials Characterization by FESEM/EDX and XPS.

Professional Career
CGCRI, Kolkata Principal Scientist 2015 - Till date
CGCRI, Kolkata Sr. Scientist 2010 - 2015
CGCRI, Kolkata Scientist C 2003 - 2010
CGCRI, Kolkata Scientist B 1998 - 2003
IIT - Kgaragpur Research Associate 1996 - 1998

  • CSIR-CGCRI Diamond Jubilee Best Paper Award in Glass/Ceramics category, 2012.
  • Invited Speaker, Graphite India Ltd., Nasik, 2008.
  • Life Member - Materials Research Society of India (MRSI)
  • Life Member - Electron Microscopy Society of India (EMSI).
  • Reviewer, Applied Surface Science, Elsevier, UK
  • Reviewer, Physica B: Condensed Matter, Elsevier, UK
  • Reviewer, Transactions of the Indian Ceramic Society, Indian Ceramic Society, India

Selected Recent Publications:
  1. A. Pramanik, S. Maiti, M. Sreemany, S. Mahanty, "High electrochemical energy storage in self-assembled nest-like CoO nanofibers with long cycle life", Journal of Nanoparticle Research’ 2016, DOI: 10.1007/s11051-016-3401-6.
  2. S.K. Mishra, Rakesh Kumar, Soni, M. Sreemany, and L.C. Pathak, “Ultrathin to Nano Thickness TiN Coatings: Processing, Structural, Mechanical Behavior”, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance Vol. 24 Issue: 12 (2015) 5013-5021.
  3. Ankita Bose, Monjoy Sreemany, Sandip Bysakh, “Crystallization trend in STO-seeded sputtered PZT thin films: Effects of seed layer thickness and post-annealing temperature” Vacuum 107 (2014) 10-19.
  4. S. K. Mishra, K. Shravan Kumar, S. Bysakh, M. Sreemany and L. C. Pathak, ‘Investigation of interface, microstructure, and mechanical properties of layered thermal barrier coatings of lanthanum zirconate and YSZ deposited by EB-PVD process’, Surf. Interface Anal., 46 (2014) 449-456.
  5. Awadesh Kumar Mallik, Sandip Bysakh, Monjoy Sreemany, Sudakshina Roy, Jiten Ghosh, Soumyendu Roy, Joana Catarina Mendes, Jose Gracio, Someswar Datta, “Property mapping of polycrystalline diamond coatings over large area”, Journal of Advanced Ceramics 3 (1) (2014) 56-70.
  6. Ankita Bose, Monjoy Sreemany, “Influence of processing conditions on the structure, composition and ferroelectric properties of sputtered PZT thin films on Ti-substrates”, Appl. Surf. Sci. 289 (2014) 551-559.
  7. U. Manju, M. Sreemany, A.K. Chakraborty, “Multi-technique photoelectron spectrometer for micro-area spectroscopy and imaging”, Current Science 105 [8] (2013) 1056-1060.
  8. Ankita Bose, Monjoy Sreemany, Sandip Bysakh, “Influence of processing parameters on the growth characteristics and ferroelectric properties of sputtered PZT thin films on stainless steel substrates”, Appl. Surf. Sci. 282 (2013) 202-210.
  9. S.K. Mishra, S. Pandey, P. Mahato, K.S. Kumar, S. Bysakh, M. Sreemany, L.C. Pathak,“Microstructural studies on EB-PVD deposited NiCrAlY, YSZ and lanthanum zirconate for thermal barrier applications”, Surface & Coatings Technology 207 (2012) 143-148.
  10. Ankita Bose, Monjoy Sreemany, Sandip Bysakh, “Role of TiO2 seed layer thickness on the nanostructure evolution and phase transformation behavior of sputtered PZT thin films during post-deposition air-annealing”, J. Am. Ceram. Soc. 94 (2011) 4066-4077.
Books/Reports/Chapters/General articles etc.
  1. ‘Preparation and Characterization of PZT Thin Films’, CP1029, Smart Devices: Modeling of Material Systems, (Ed.) S.M. Sivakumar, V. Buravalla and A.R. Srinivasa, pp. 279-289 A. Bose, M. Sreemany, S.K. Halder, D.K. Bhattachryya, S. Sen American Institute of Physics (AIP) 2008

Patents filed / Granted        Summary: 1 no 1.
Sl. No. Patent Title Name of Applicant(s) Patent No. Award Date Agency/Country Status
A Novel Stable Coating Sol and Process Thereof Useful for Making Sol Coated Glass with Shimmering Colour Effect Sudakshina Roy, Suchitra Sen and Monjoy Sreemany 222126 (Patented in India) 23-Jul-2008 Indian Patent Office/India (www.ipindia.nic.in)

Notable Research contribution
  • Based on optical spectrophotometric data, a simple technique has been developed to determine optical constants, e.g., thickness refractive index etc. of thin transparent films on transparent substrates.
  • Oriented and polycrystalline ferroelectric PZT thin films have been synthesized successfully by PVD process.
  • Setting up a PVD-based thin film processing laboratory in CGCRI.

PhD Supervision

Summary: Summary: Completed- 01
Research Topic- Processing and Characterization of Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) thin films by Radio Frequency Magnetron Sputtering
Ph.D. degree awarded to Ankita Bose in 2013.

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