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Domestic/lab scale ceramic membrane filtration prototype can be fitted with single element module (M01) or multi-element capillary module (M61) corresponding to a surface area of 0.055 sq. Mt (546cm2). The ultra filtration capillary membrane fitted in M61 has a molecular weight cut-off of 35 KDa with a flux of 78 LMH at 3 kg/cm2. The prototype maximum working pressure is 4 kg/cm2.

The prototype may be used as a domestic/ labscale experimental setup for various unit operations, some of which are identified below:
i) Potable water purification
ii) Domestic kitchen water filtration and reclamation
iii) Experimental application for industrial wastewater treatment
iv) Purification of various dairy products
v) Filtration of pharmaceutical products
vi) Filtration of various biotech products
vii) Side stream membrane bioreactor study and alike applications

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