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Technology News
  1. MOU signed for demonstration of Manufacturing Low Melting High sodium content Borosilicate glass beads on March 20, 2015 with H.R Johnson (India) Mumbai.
  2. CSIR-CGCRI has signed a MOU (Memorandum of understanding) with CDE Asia Limited Kolkata to carry out joint collaborative research work in the areas of innovative use of different solid waste by products for developing value added ceramic products.
  3. MOU signed for understanding for development of seven component borosilicate glass beads with Nuclear research board, BARC on July 22.2014.
  4. Agreement for License for Know-how for the Manufacture of low Sodium Content Glass Beads (SiBNa-9.5) On February 17. 2014. CSIR.CGCRIsigned an agreement with HR Johnson Agreement on Grant of Permission for Manufacturing of Glass Beads/Nodules.
  5. CSIR-CGCRI has signed an agreement on February 27. 2014 with IFGL Refractories Ltd, Sundargarh, Odisha to grant permission on manufacturing of glass beads/ nodules for encapsulation of nuclear wastes. (India). Mumbai, to license the know-how for the Manufacture of SiBNa-9.5.
  6. CSIR-CGCRI has signed an agreement with CSIR Tech Pvt Limited (CTPL), Pune, on January 7. 2014 for transfer or inventions, formulations, knowhow/processes developed by the Institute which can be transferred to industry for utilization.

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