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Somnath Sinhamahapatra
Senior Scientist

Refractories and Traditional Ceramics Division

Phone: +91-33-2473 3469 (Extn. 3260)
FAX: +91-33-2473 0957
E-mail: somnaths@cgcri.res.in

B. Sc. (Chemistry Hons.), University of Calcutta
B. Tech. (Chemical Tech.), University of Calcutta
M. Tech. (Ceramic Engg.), University of Calcutta

Mr. S. Sinhamahapatra joined CGCRI on 14th August 2007.

Research Interest
Solid state reaction of oxide systems primarily related with high temperature applications , synthesis and characterisation of synthetic refractory aggregates, chemically bonded ceramics

Professional Career
Organisation Position heldDuration
H & R Johnson (I) Ltd. Mumbai Exe/Sr.Exe/Asst.Manager/Deputy Manager (R&D) 2001-2007
CSIR-CGCRI Scientist 2007- till date

Selected Publications
Publications: in SCI Journal Papers =5; in Conference Proceedings = 8;
Selected Papers:
  1. Refractories of Alumina-Silica System, K. Dana, S. Sinhamahapatra, H. S. Tripathi and A. Ghosh, Trans. Ind. Ceram. Soc., 73, (1),1-13, (2014)
  2. Effect of titania on the microstructure evolution of sintered magnesite in correlation with its properties, P. Kumar, Burhanuddin, A. Kumar, A. Ghosh, S. Sinhamahapatra and H. S. Tripathi, Ceram. Int., 41, (7),9003 to 9008, (2015)
  3. Effect of Alumina Reactivity on the Densification and Properties of Al2O3-Cr2O3 Refractories, M. Nath, V. P. Reddy, S. Sinhamahapatra, K. Dana, A. Ghosh and H. S. Tripathi, Int. J. Appl. Ceram.Technol., 12, (3),608-613, (2015)
  4. Dynamic thermal study to rationalise the role of titania in reaction sintering of magnesia-alumina system, S. Sinhamahapatra, K. Dana, A. Ghosh, V. P. Reddy and H. S. Tripathi, Ceram. Int., 41(1B), 1073-1078, (2015)
  5. Some studies on dehydroxylation -rehydration phenomenon of kaolin of Indian origin, S. Sinhamahapatra and S. K. Das, Ceramic Forum International 91, E56 -E59, (2014)

Patents filed / Granted
Indian :2
  1. “A method for the manufacture of aqueous solution of metal complexes and a method of manufacturing high temperature coloured vitreous glass-ceramic tiles” .Dr. T. R. N. Kutty; Mathew, V. T. ; Mahapatra, S. S.; Chitwadgi, S., Kulkarni, M. G. (197957) India.
  2. “A method of manufacturing ceramic tile and the ceramic tile prepared there from”. Amit Chatterjee, S.N.Deshmukh, Somnath Sinhamahapatra. (507/MUM/2005) India.

Landmark Research Contribution
Chemically bonded ceramics for grinding wheel with improved performance was developed by his group

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