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73rd CSIR Foundation Day at CSIR-CGCRI

The 73rd CSIR Foundation was celebrated at CSIR-CGCRI on September 26, 2015. All members of CSIR-CGCRI family participated in the activities with renewed enthusiasm. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Dr Satish Kumar, Distinguished Scientist and Director General (Missiles & Strategic Systems), Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO), New Delhi. During the day, the Institute was kept open for public. Nearly 100 students from local schools visited the Institute. Officers and staff who retired during the past one year were felicitated on the occasion. CSIR-CGCRI family members who completed 25 years of service in CSIR were also felicitated in the traditional manner.

Floral decoration at Institute

At the outset, Dr K Muraleedharan, Director, CSIR-CGCRI greeted the staff and guests and congratulated the CSIR family on the occasion. He then presented the major achievements of the Institute since during the past year. He highlighted the contributions of CSIR-CGCRI towards the renewed mandate of CSIR in the form of the ‘Dehradun Declaration’ made in the CSIR Directors Conference during June 9-10, 2015. He thanked Dr Satish Kumar for his gracious presence at the occasion and made specific remark on the need for CGCRI to work for the materials development for the missile cluster of DRDO.

Both Dr Muraleedharan and Dr Satish Kumar remembered fondly their association with Dr A P J Abdul Kalam in the DRDO Labs at Hyderabad where both of them started their career in the eighties, a time when Dr Kalam was leading the National Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP). Director also remembered that Dr Kalam was the first Research Council Chairman of CSIR-CGCRI during 1988-91. He placed on record the gratitude that CSIR-CGCRI family has towards him for providing the direction for the institute for embarking on programmes that developed materials solutions to the strategic sectors.

The Chief Guest delivered the 73rd CSIR Foundation Day Lecture entitled "Techno-Managerial Challenges in R D Organization". In his address, Dr Kumar apprised the audience about DRDO’s organizational network, strength and emerging challenges in the ever-changing world. He dwelt at length on the opportunities available in DRDO for extra mural research grants and sponsored research. He highlighted DRDO’s directed research and the associated innovation models. He also threw light on the domain of present and future wars which are becoming increasingly complex. He said there should be constancy of purpose in technology programmes and aggressive development goals as strategic levers in major innovation model systems. Dr Kumar stressed on the need to carry out basic research as first step towards innovation.

Dr Satish Kumar delivering the 73rd CSIR Foundation Day Lecture at CSIR-CGCRI on September, 26, 2015.

Dr Kumar appreciated the efforts of CSIR-CGCRI for its significant contributions to the strategic, industrial and societal needs. He said that the Institute has made significant advances in solving problems of the strategic sector and can expand its role if it focuses more on the issues concerning materials development in DRDO establishments. Dr Kumar pointed to many areas where CSIR-CGCRI and DRDO can have common interest in advanced technology development. Some of the areas are: ceramics, radomes for seekers, nano-structured materials, glass fibre, high power microwave tubes and IR transmitting filters.

Dr Satish Kumar handing over a prize to a winner of Competitions held among staff of CGCRI during the function, as Dr K Muraleedharan looks on

Dr Satish Kumar handing over an award to a winner of Competitions held among wards of staff of CGCRI during the function

Dr Satish Kumar said that CSIR-CGCRI could become one of the vibrant work centres of DRDO. He concluded his lecture stating that India’s vision should be to transform itself into a nation with world class research base in the frontiers of science & Technology. Mr Sitendu Mandal, Senior Principal Scientist and Chairman of the CSIR Foundation Celebration Committee proposed the vote of thanks.

Dr Satish Kumar, chief guest with other dignitaries

Later, he also took a tour of the various laboratories and had first-hand experience of the work that is being carried out in CSIR-CGCRI. He appreciated the neat and tidy ambience of the Institute’s premises. Dr Kumar also complimented CSIR-CGCRI for the world-class infrastructure built over years. He held discussions with scientists and deliberated on the possible areas for collaborations between DRDO and CSIR.

In the evening, a cultural programme was held by our staff members and scholars. The programme and the in-house talent was highly appreciated by Director and Mrs. Muraleedharan.

CSIR-CGCRI staff and scholars who performed in the cultural programme

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