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  1. Areas of Research:
    • Development of Arsenic test Kits for detection of Arsenic in drinking water.
    • Development of electrochemical Sensor for tea quality monitoring.

  2. Sensor Hub and related projects:
    • Development of Instrument for Tea Quality Monitoring- DST
    • Development sensor for the detection of adulteration in oil- DST
    • Removal of arsenic adsorbing polymeric beads and their performance study in packed bed columns- DST

  3. Technologies developed:
    • Arsenic kit for total arsenic in water
    • Arsenic kit for arsenate in water iii)Remediation of arsenic by house hold kit

  4. Facilities with photos:

    UV/Vis spectrophotometer









  5. Photos of unpackaged/packaged products:

  6. Names and designations of permanent staff involved in the activities:
    1. Prof. Priyabrata Sarkar- CU

  7. Scholars/Students in Sensor Hub activities:
    1. Ms. Sarani Sen, JRF, Sensor Hub

  8. Achievements:
    • Estimation of Tea polyphenols by electrochemical methods
    • Removal of arsenic by newly developed adsorbents
    • Conference attended-
      1. Awarded First Prize to Ms Joyati Das for poster presentation for the abstract entitled "Detection of arsenate in drinking water by using molybdenum blue dip stick sensor". In INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON FRONTIERS IN BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES (INCoFIBS-2010)- Department of Life Science, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, India.
      2. Poster presentation by Ms Joyati Das for the abstract entitled "Speciation of arsenic in drinking water" in INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CHEMISTRY FOR MANKIND, INNOVATIVE IDEAS IN LIFE SCIENCES, NAGPUR. (ICCM-2011).
      3. Poster presentation by Ms Sarani Sen for the abstract "Electrochemical Sensing of Tea Polyphenols by Chloramines T modified Electrodes" in FOURTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PLANTS AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION (ICPEP-4), LUCKNOW
      4. Awarded Third Prize to Ms Sarani Sen for poster presentation in Industrial Chemistry for the abstract entitled "Antioxidant activity in tea by sensory systems" has been selected for poster presentation in "Acharya P C Ray National Young Scientists" Conference, to be held at Presidency College on 17-18th February, 2012.
    • Patent:
      1. Tittle: Colorimetric Sensor for ppb level Arsenic Estimation in Drinking water
        Inventors : Priyabrata Sarkar , Dipankar Bhattacharyay, Suchanda Banerjee, Sudeshna Datta, Sreela Pal, Priyabrata Pal
        Patent no. - 690/KOL/09
    • Publications:
      1. Arsenic accumulating and transforming bacteria isolated from contaminated soil for potential use in bioremediation
        Suchanda Banerjeea, Sudeshna Dattaa, Dhrubajyoti Chattyopadhyayb & Priyabrata Sarkara
        Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A (2011) Dec;46(14):1736-47
      2. Bioremediation of chromium by novel strains Enterobacter aerogenes T2 and Acinetobacter sp. PD 12 S2
        Jigisha Panda & Priyabrata Sarkar
        J Environ Sci Health A Tox Hazard Subst Environ Eng. (2012, Accepted)
      3. Isolation and identification of chromium-resistant bacteria: Test application for prevention of chromium toxicity in plant.
        Jigisha Panda, Priyabrata Sarkar
        J Environ Sci Health A Tox Hazard Subst Environ Eng. 2012;47(2):237-44.

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