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Trace moisture analyzers handed over to an entrepreneur by our Honourable Guests

Amritasu Das and Hena Ray won the Intel India Embedded Challenge 2011 for the prototype "Portable Electronic Nose (PEN) for Tea" in the "Rural IT, e-Governance and Citizen Services" category and received a cash award of Rs.50,000/=.

  • Avra Kundu, Santanu Maity, Sugato Ghosh under Prof. H. Saha won the best poster award for poster titled "Fabrication & Packaging of MEMS based microheater with co-planar IDE for gas sensing applications" in National Conference on Sensors & Actuators: Science to Technology (NCSA) 2011.
  • Awarded First Prize to Ms Joyati Das for poster presentation for the abstract entitled 'Detection of arsenate in drinking water by using molybdenum blue dip stick sensor'. In 'INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON FRONTIERS IN BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES (INCoFIBS-2010)' - Department of Life Science, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, India.

  • Poster presentation by Ms Joyati Das for the abstract entitled 'Speciation of arsenic in drinking water' in 'INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CHEMISTRY FOR MANKIND, INNOVATIVE IDEAS IN LIFE SCIENCES', NAGPUR. (ICCM-2011).

  • Poster presentation by Ms Sarani Sen for the abstract 'Electrochemical Sensing of Tea Polyphenols by Chloramines T modified Electrodes' in 'FOURTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PLANTS AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION (ICPEP-4), LUCKNOW'

  • Awarded Third Prize to Ms Sarani Sen for poster presentation in Industrial Chemistry for the abstract entitled 'Antioxidant activity in tea by sensory systems' has been selected for poster presentation in 'Acharya P C Ray National Young Scientists' Conference, to be held at Presidency College on 17-18th February, 2012.

  • MEMS microheaters and ZnO thin film methane gas sensors are designed and fabricated for an entire 2" (two inch Silicon wafer process) having a 3mmX3mm die size.

  • Low power electronic circuit for methane sensing has been developed and packaged in a pocket size unit.

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