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Dr. Swastik Mondal
Principal Scientist
Functional Materials & Devices Division
Associate Professor,
Academy of Scientific & Innovative Research (AcSIR)

Phone: (033) 24733496 (Ext. 3561)
FAX: +91-33-24730957
E-mail: swastik_mondal@cgcri.res.in

B.Sc. (Honours in Physics), Burdwan University
M.Sc. (Physics), Banaras Hindu University
Ph. D. (Science), Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (Degree awarded by Jadavpur University)

Dr. Mondal joined CSIR-CGCRI on August 01, 2016

Research Interest
Surface structure analysis in films and bulk materials, High resolution electron density analysis; Ab-initio structure determination, phase and microstructure analysis using powder-XRD data; Single-crystal structure analysis of periodic and aperiodic crystals; super-hard boron-rich materials; low-dimensional materials and functional materials with photo-electric, thermo-electric and photo-catalytic activities.

Professional Career
Position heldOrganisationDuration
Akademischer Rat
(Research and Teaching Staff)
University of Bayreuth, GermanyJune 2007–June 2013
Guest Scientist University of Bayreuth, GermanyJune 2013–December 2013
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
(Scientific Staff)
Max-Planck-Institute for coal research,
Muelheim an der Ruhr, Germany
January 2014–December 2015
Principal ScientistCSIR-CGCRI, KolkataAugust 2016–continuing

  • Reviewer of Acta Crystallogr. Sect. B (International Union of Crystallography) and Journal of Molecular Structure (Elsevier).
  • One of the members of the Indian delegation in the IUCr Congress, Florence, Italy, 2005, financially assisted by the Indian National Science Academy (INSA).
  • Travel award from Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, to attend the IUCr Congress, Florence, Italy, 2005.
  • Financial award from Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD), Germany, for attending the IUCr Congress, Madrid, Spain, 2011.
  • Awarded a FAST-TRACK project in 2013 by DST, GoI (not started).
  • Life member of Indian Crystallographic Association.
  • Life member of the Materials Research Society of India (MRSI).
  • Bursary award from DST bursary fund for attending IUCr Congress 2017, Hyderabad, India.

Selected Publications
Publications: Summary: in SCI Journal Papers = 38; in Conference Proceedings (abstracts) = 04; Popular journal articles: 1; Presentations at conferences: 20; Talks presented: 34 (Invited & visiting talks: 9, Conferences: 9, Dept. seminars: 16)

Five representative publications:
  1. S. Mondal, “Charge Transfer and Fractional Bonds in Stoichiometric Boron Carbide”, Chemistry of Materials, (2017), Volume: 29, Page: 6191.
  2. S. Mondal, E. Bykova, S. Dey, Sk I. Ali, N. Dubrovinskaia, L. Dubrovinsky, G. Parakhonskiy and S. van Smaalen, “Disorder and defects are not intrinsic to boron carbide”, Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing Group, (2016), Volume: 6, Page: 19330.
  3. S. Mondal, S. van Smaalen, G. Parakhonskiy, S. J. Prathapa, L. Noohinejad, E. Bykova, and N. Dubrovinskaia, D. Chernyshov, L. Dubrovinsky, “Experimental evidence of orbital order in -B12 and -B28 polymorphs of elemental boron”, Phys. Rev. B, (2013), Volume: 88, Page: 024118.
  4. S. Mondal, S. J. Prathapa and S. van Smaalen, “Experimental dynamic electron densities of multipole models at different temperatures”, Acta Crystallogr. Sect. A, (2012), Volume: 68, Page: 568-581.
  5. S. Mondal, S. van Smaalen, A. Schoenleber, Y. Filinchuk, D. Chernyshov, S. I. Simak, A. S. Mikhaylushkin, I. A. Abrikosov, E. Zarechnaya, L. Dubrovinsky and N. Dubrovinskaia, “Electron Deficient and Polycenter Bonds in the High-Pressure –B28 Phase of Boron”, Physical Review Letters, (2011), Volume 106(21), Page 215502.

Landmark Research Contribution
Development of methodologies for reconstructing dynamic electron densities in crystalline materials under the influence of finite temperature [Mondal et al. Acta Crystallogr. Sect. A, 2012, 68, 568] and the discoveries of electron-deficient bonds and charge transfers in superhard boron-rich materials [Mondal et al., Phys. Rev. Lett., (2011), 106, 215502; Mondal et al., Phys. Rev. B, (2013), 88, 024118; Mondal et al., Scientific reports, (2016), 6, 19330]

Supervision PhD Supervision: Ongoing-1

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