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Technologies available for licensing

1. Ceramic based total hip prosthesis (ceramic-on-PE).

2.Plasma spray hydroxyapatite coating on metallic biomedical implants.

3. Manufacture of bioactive ceramic scaffolds with controlled porosity characteristics.

4. Calcium phosphate granules (single and biphasic) for dental and orthopaedic applications.

5. Hydroxyapatite based integrated orbital implant.

6. High-temperature protective coatings for automobile heater plugs.

7. Glass lining coatings.

8. High-temperature protective coatings.

9. Bioactive glass coatings for orthopaedic and dental applications.

10. Plasma spray grade hydroxyapatite powder preparation.

11. Injectable, biodegradable bone cement composite with/without drugs.

Technologies under development
Sl. No. Title Technology Readiness Index
1 An inorganic/ceramic based antacid for instant relief and sustained buffering action. Lab Validation
2 Novel HAp coated bone plates for bone plate fracture Lab validation
3 Hydroxyapatite-bioactive glass composite for spinal and dental applications Lab validation
4 Laser assisted deposition of in-situ synthesized TiB-TiN reinforced Ti alloy composites for biomedical and other applications. Prototype
4 Metacarpophalangeal joint replacement prosthesis Prototype (under clinical trials)
6 Alternative adjuvant for anticancer drugs Proof of Concept
7 Unconventional cancer treatment without drugs Proof of Concept
8 New ceramic composite composition for total hip prosthesis Concept Definition
9 Non-invasive acceleration of tissue-artificial implant integration Concept Definition
10 Porous metal coatings on metals and plastics for osseointegration Concept Definition
11 Novel degradable Mg alloys with tailored resorption Concept Definition
12 Patient specific customized implants Concept Definition
13 Extendable implants for juvenile bone cancer patients Concept Definition
14 Electrospun fiber composites for bone or skin wound healing Concept Definition
Technology Readiness Index: Idea, Concept Definition, Proof of Concept, Prototype, Lab Validation, Technology Development, Technology Demonstration, Technology Integrated, Market Launch.

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