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Divisional Facilities

UTM (INSTRON 5500R), Load Cells:100N (For Fibers and Fibrous Material Testing), 1kN, 100kN; Accuracy:±1%, High Temperature Testing Capability:1400?C with 4-point Bend Fixture

Hysitron Nanoindenter (Triboindenter Ubi 700, Hysitron Inc., USA) with Nanoindentation, Scanning Probe Microscopy and Nanotribology Facilities; Load Range 1-12,000 micro-N, Depth Resolution:0.04nm, Load Resolution: 1nN.

Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar apparatus (REL Inc. USA)

Fischerscope Nanoindenter (H100XYp, Fischer, Switzerland), Load Range:0.4-1000 mN, Depth Resolution:1 nm, Load Resolution: 0.2micro-N.

Vicker’s Hardness Tester (LV 700, LECO, USA), Load Range 30 gf to 30Kgf, resolution:0.1micro-m.

Scratch Tester TR-102-M3 (Ducom, Bangalore, India) Load Cells 2-20N, 20-200N, Accuracy ±1%, AE Frequency:100-450 Peak Frequency:450 kHz, Speed variable:100-1000 micro-m.s-1

Inverted Optical Microscope (U-LH75XEAPO, Olympus, Japan), Magnification:5-100X, (Reflection and Transmission Mode), Nomraski Interference Contrast, Image Analysis Facility Available

Spin Coater (Model No: 121014, Delta Scientific, Kolkata, India), Maximum RPM-15000

Polishing and Grinding Machine, (Struers A/S, Denmark)

Cutting Machine (Struers A/S, Denmark)

Centrifuge – Max RPM 15000 (Remi, India)

Ultrasonic Cleaner, Takashi, Japan

Magnetic Stirrer (Remi, Kolkata)-1, IKA RH Digital (Germany)-1

pH Meter (Systronics, India)

Sintering Furnace 1: Muffle Furnace, Maximum working temperature (16000C), Max-17000C, Naskar & Co., Kolkata, India

Sintering Furnace 2: Muffle Furnace, Maximum working temperature (13000C), Max-14000C, M/s Jay Crucibles, Kolkata, India

Sintering Furnace 3: Muffle Furnace, Maximum working temperature (16000C), Max-17000C, M/s Naskar & Co.,, Kolkata, India

Sintering Furnace 4: Tube Furnace, Controlled Atmosphere, Maximum working temperature (5000C), Max-6000C, M/s LabthermIndia Kolkata, India

Sintering Furnace 5: Muffle Furnace, Maximum working temperature (5000C), Max-10000C, M/s Naskar and Co., Kolkata, India

Polishing and Grinding Machine, (Struers A/S, Denmark

Semi-Automatic Press (10 Tonnes, Carver, USA)

X’PertPro MPD (PANalytical) Facility

X-Ray Florescence (XRF) Spectrometer (PANalytical) Facility

HERZOG, Hydraulic Press, TP 20P, Machinenfabrik, Germany

Planetary Monomill, Pulverisette GmBH, Germany

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope, Supra 35 VP, Carl Zeiss, Germany, 30kV, Image Resolution-1.5 nm, Energy Resolution~133 eV

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope, Zigma, Carl Zeiss, Germany, 30kV, Image Resolution-1.3 nm, Energy Resolution~127 eV

Coating Unit (SC7640, QUORUM, UK)

Coating Unit (Scan Coat 6, Edwards, UK)

Vacuum Evaporator (Hitachi, Japan)

RF/DC Magnetron Sputter Coater (Hind Hi-VAC, Banaglore, India)

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