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Ongoing Projects
Sl. No.Title of the ProjectDurationSource of FundingPrincipal InvestigatorCo-Investigator (s)
1Cleaning of hot gas from high ash containing low grade Indian Coal2012-17CSIRNijhuma KayalO.P. Chakrabarti
2Synthesis of oxide bonded porous SiC ceramics by bond phase precursor infiltration technique 2013-16DSTNijhuma KayalO.P. Chakrabarti
3Hot pressing and study of thermo-mechanical behaviour of UHTC samples for aerospace applications2013-15DRDOS. ChakrabortyP. K. Das
4Development and characterization of Silicon Carbide foam2014-16DRDO S. SarkarP. K. Das
S. Chakraborty
5 Non oxide ultra high temperature ceramic components 2012-17 CSIR P. K. Das S. Chakraborty
6 M-AlON based IR transparent window 2012-17 CSIR S Bondopadhyay  

Completed Projects
Sl. No.Title of the ProjectDurationSource of FundingPrincipal InvestigatorCo-Investigator (s)
1 Porous RBSN diaphragm tube 2006-10 Govt. P.K. Das J. Rakshit
2 RBSN microwave transparent material 2009-10 Govt P.K. Das J. Rakshit
3 C-fibre reinforced clutch component 2008-11 CSIR P.K. Das D.K. Bhattacharya
4 RBSN leading edge for very high temperature application 2010-11 Govt. P.K. Das R. Banerjee
5 Equation of State of Alumina and ZTA ceramics under shock loading 2007-10 Govt. A. K. Mukhopadhyay Dr. S. K. Biswas
6 Development of cellular SiC ceramics using biologically derived perform 2002-2007 CSIR O.P.Chakrabarti --
7 Cellular SiC ceramics from plant precursor for engineering applications, 2005-2008 DST, Govt. of India O.P.Chakrabarti H.S.Maiti & R.Majumder
8 Synthesis of novel composite materials using coir fibre for engineering applications 2010-13 CSIR O.P.Chakrabarti
9 Development of porous SiC substrate for hot gas filter applications 2007-12 CSIR O.P.Chakrabarti N.Kayal, T.Goswami & P.G.Rao
10 Fabrication Si3N4 ball for hybrid ball bearing 2010-12 Govt. P.K. Das R. Banerjee
11 Fabrication of SiC large plates from organic precursors 2011-12 Govt. P.K. Das R. Banerjee

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