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सीएसआईआर-केंद्रीय कांच और सिरेमिक अनुसंधान संस्थान
(वैज्ञानिक और औद्योगिक अनुसंधान परिषद की एक इकाई)

Ongoing Projects
Sl. No Title of the Project Duration Funding Agency Participating Inst./Lab. Principal Investigator Co-Investigator(s)
National Projects
1 Up-gradation of gamma radiation facility and periodic standardization for optimal RISUG production 2015-17 ICMR CSIR-CGCRI B. Kundu V.K. Balla
2 Prototype Development of in vivo tested HDPE based biocompatible composite with HA/Al2O3 Ceramic Fillers as Acetabular Cup for Total Hip Replacement 2015-20 DBT CSIR-CGCRI, B. Basu, IISc. V. K. Balla
3 Development of hydroxyapatite based modified integrated orbital implant with superior motility and its clinical trial 2013-16 SBMT CSIR-CGCRI B. Kundu V. K. Balla
4 Development of Novel Biomedical Implants with Enhanced Reliability 2013-16 DST CSIR-CGRI A.K. Mukhopadhyay V.K. Balla
5 Development of novel CSIR technology for manufacturing tailored and patient-specific bio-ceramic implants and biomedical devices at affordable cost (BIOCERAM) 2012-17 CSIR CSIR-CGCRI V.K. Balla B. Kundu
6 Very High Power Microwave Tubes: Design and Development Capabilities (MTDDC) 2012-17 CSIR CSIR-CGRI + 7 CSIR Labs S. Ghosh A.K. Mallick
7 Comparative study of conventional processing with microwave processing of bioactive glass-ceramic coating on Ti6Al4V substrate for biomedical applications 2013-16 DST CSIR-CGCRI S. Ghosh None
International Projects
1 Development of large size polycrystalline CVD diamond material for optical windows and support rods in high power microwave tubes 2015-18 DST Diamond Materials Laboratory V.K. Balla A.K. Mallik
2 Electron microscopy study of the degradation kinetics of porous bioactive glass based novel drug eluting implants (coating/3D scaffolds) as a function of hard tissue regeneration for treatment of osteoporotic fractures in elderly patients 2015-18 DST Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia (PI : Dr. Nina Daneu). J. Chakraborty B. Karmakar
3 Structure of gradient nanocomposites: Interaction of bioactive glasses with nanoparticles and polymers (MoreBAGS) (GAP 0614) 2012-16 DST University of Turku, Finland (Prof. Pekka Vallittu) and Åbo Akademi Univ. (Dr. Leena Hupa) G. De B. Kundu
V.K. Balla

Completed Projects
Sl. No Title of the Project Duration Funding Agency Participating Inst./Lab. Principal Investigator Co-Investigator(s)
National Projects
1 Development of bio-ceramic based implants for rehabilitation 2008-13 CSIR CSIR-CGCRI; SIOR & PHS, Pune D. Basu & V.K. Balla S. Datta
2 Design and fabrication capabilities for very high power microwave tubes 2007-12 CSIR CSIR-CGCRI & CSIR-CEERI D. Basu S. Datta
3 New insights in cancer biology identification of novel targets and development of target based molecular medicine 2007-12 CSIR CSIR-CGCRI & CSIR-IICB M.K. Sinha B. Kundu
4 Nanomaterials and nanodevices in health and disease 2007-12 CSIR CSIR-CGCRI & CSIR-CCMB D. Basu M.K. Sinha
5 Development of bioactive ceramic coating on orthopedic implants (metallic) for sustained, localized delivery of biophosphonates to improve fixation 2009-11 DST CSIR-CGCRI Jui Chakraborty D. Basu
6 Synthesis and characterization of NZP based material for immobilization of radioactive waste 2008-11 BRNS (DAE) CSIR-CGCRI D. Basu A. Das Gupta
7 Development of Ceramic-based Implantable Delivery System for Sustained Release of the Drugs for the Treatment of Osteomyelitis in Human Patients 2007-10 DST CSIR-CGCRI, WBUAFS & R.G. Kar Medical College B. Kundu D. Basu
8 Fabrication of Yttria Doped Thoria (YDT) Thimbles and glass soldering them to Fe-Ni alloy component towards development of oxygen sensor for use in sodium coolant of fast breeder reactors 2006-09 IGCAR CSIR-CGCRI A. Das Gupta D. Basu
9 Micromechanical characterization of hydroxyapatite coated metallic implants 2006-09 DST CSIR-CGCRI D. Basu A.K. Mukhopadhyay
10 Development of selected medical implants (NMITLI) 2005-08 CSIR CSIR-CGCRI D. Basu M.K. Sinha
11 Development of Glass-Ceramic Coatings for High Temperature Protection of Titanium Aluminide Alloys 2005-08 ARDB CSIR-CGCRI S. Datta D. Basu
12 Multi-centred clinical trials for human implantation of bio-active integrated orbital implants 2005-08 ICMR CSIR-CGCRI D. Basu B. Kundu
13 Development of bio-active bio-glass compositions with varied amount of calcium phosphate crystals to be used as coating on titanium and stainless steel implants 2005-08 DST CSIR-CGCRI S. Datta D. Basu
14 Electron Tube Technologies for Large Scale Application 2002-07 CSIR CSIR-CGCRI & CSIR-CEERI D. Basu S. Datta
15 Novel Synthetic Route for Biomaterials and their Applications 2002-07 CSIR CSIR-CGCRI D. Basu M.K. Sinha
16 Developing Capabilities in Advanced Manufacturing Technology 2002-07 CSIR CSIR-CGCRI & CSIR-CMERI D. Basu S. Datta
17 Development of plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coated metallic implants for orthopaedic application 2003-06 DST CSIR-CGCRI D. Basu M.K. Sinha
18 Development of metallized alumina substrates for fabrication of thermoelectric coolers 2003-05 SSPL (DRDO) CSIR-CGCRI S. Datta D. Basu
19 Development of Bio-active Integrated Orbital Implant 2001-04 SBMT CSIR-CGCRI D. Basu M.K. Sinha
International Projects
1 Next Generation Functional Implants via Laser Engineering Net Shaping (LENS™) 2012-15 CSIR CSIR-CGCRI, W. M. Keck Biomedical Materials Research Lab, Washington State University, USA. V.K. Balla Mitun Das
2 Development of functionally graded patient specific orthopedic implants by rapid prototyping technique and their evaluation in-vitro & in-vivo 2009-12 DST CSIR-CGCRI; Washington State University, USA D. Basu M. Das
3 Development of Thermally Sprayed Ceramic Based Coatings 2007-10 TIFAC, DST CSIR-CGCRI; ARCI, Hyderabad; School of Mechanical & Production Engg., Singapore; Advanced Materials Research Centre, Malayasia; & Indonesian Institute of Sciences D. Basu M.K. Sinha
4 Study of Remodeling of bone-ceramic interface to assess cell growth kinetics as a function of composition and morphological modification of ceramic implant 2007-10 DST CSIR-CGCRI; Dept. of Nanostructured Materials, Ljubljana, Slovenia D. Basu M.K. Sinha
5 Development of ceramic-based implantable delivery system for sustained release of the drugs for treatment of osteomyelitis and diabetes 2007-10 DST CSIR-CGCRI; University of Aveiro, Portugal D. Basu B. Kundu
6 Development of SiAlON ceramics for tribological applications 2006-09 CSIR CSIR-CGCRI; Turkey D. Basu S. Bandyopadhyay

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.
  • Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.
  • Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore.
  • National Institute of Technology, Suratkal.
  • Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur.
  • West Bengal U of Animal & Fishery Sci, Kolkata.
  • Sancheti Inst. for Orthop. & Rehabilitation, Pune.
  • Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.
  • Jubilant Kalpataru Hospital, Barasat.
  • Disha Eye Hospitals and Research Centre (P) Ltd., Barrackpore, West Bengal.
  • Sri Sankaradeva Nethralaya, Guwahati.
  • Saijyothi Eye Institute, Secunderabad.
  • Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi.
  • Wockhardt Medical Centre, Kolkata.
  • R.G. Kar Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata.
  • Burdwan Medical College & Hospital, Burdwan.
  • Calcutta Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata.
  • Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, National Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata.
  • N.R.S. Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata.
  • Sambhu Nath Pandit Hospital, Kolkata.
  • Calcutta Medical Research Institute, Kolkata.
  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.
  • Maulana Azad Dental College & Hospital, New Delhi.
  • Dr. Rafi Ahmed Dental College & Hospital, Kolkata.
  • M/s General Surgical Company (India) Pvt Ltd., Chennai.
  • M/s Orthotech, Gujarat.
  • M/s Mu Biomagg, Gujarat.
  • Medical University of Vienna, Austria.
  • Washington State University, USA.
  • University of Louisville, USA.
  • A.M. Prokhorov Gen. Phys. Inst. , Russia.
  • University of Aveiro, Portugal.
  • University of Turku, Finland.
  • Abo Academy University, Finland.
  • Univ. of Vigo, Spain.
  • Mindanao State Univ., Philippines.
  • Universität Bremen, Germany.

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