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Technologies Developed & Transferred
  1. High alumina brick from beach sand sillimanite (a) chemical bonding (b) ceramic bonding
  2. Synthetic high alumina aggregate (54-86% Al2O3)
  3. Low cement castable (45-90% Al2O3)
  4. Sintered high Al2O3 products (97-99.5% Al2O3)
  5. Rice husk ash nodules for heat insulation
  6. High alumina cement free self flowing castable (70-95% Al2O3)
  7. Mag-chrome aggregate from friable chrome ore
  8. Rice husk ash insulating brick: (a) phosphate bonding, (b) chemical bonding
  9. Wear resistant ceramics
  10. Hydration resistant sintered lime and lime refractory products thereof.
  11. Magnesia spinel refractory for cement rotary kiln.

Technology under Development
  1. High alumina aggregates from bauxite of Indian origin
  2. Plasma fused refractory materials
  3. Vitrified ceramic tiles utilizing solid industrial wastes
  4. Functional refractory from sintered alumina
  5. LC castables for petrochemical and power plant application
  6. Plastic refractory

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