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International Collaboration
Globalization being the buzz-word of the current century, the modern world calls for international linkages in every aspect of life and Research and Development is no exception. It is being strongly felt that in the field of frontier research we can never go alone - on the other hand, the close interactions between the scientists of other countries to share the information and knowledge can make all of us successful to achieve the common objectives. Accordingly, CGCRI has opened a new division, called ISTAG (International Scientific ) to act as a single window to exchange our knowledge and research skill with the outside world by organizing foreign collaboration, deputation of the bright scientists of the institute abroad, inviting the important foreign scientists of international repute and important NRIs and many other similar activities. In the last few years the activities in this direction has increased significantly and the institute has become successful to bring number of linkages in the form of collaborative projects which are enlisted below:

Contact Address :
Dr. Debabrata Basu 196 Raja S C Mullick Road
Kolkata-700032 (INDIA)

Phone: 091-33-2473-3496/69/76/77 2483-8079/82 Fax: 2473-0957
E-mail address : dbasu@cgcri.res.in

Foreign Deputation
A good number of scientists from this institute are deputed abroad every year under different fellowship / collaborative programmes or to participate in different international seminars. By this way, our scientists get the opportunity to interact with the leading scientific personalities in their field and get an exposure to the current activities of the modern laboratories in the fields of their interest and by this way the institute is immensely benefited and knowledge-base of the laboratory is significantly enriched. Every year number of important scientists and professors from different advanced countries visit our institute under certain bilateral programmes or otherwise to participate in our on-going activities / interact with our scientists and this provide us a bigger platform to get familiar with the frontier research of the advanced countries.

It is felt the in the present scenario, international visibility is mandatory and therefore the institute has geared up to increase its linkages with the institutes of other advanced countries and it is expected that concentrated efforts will definitely attract many more important global players to formulate collaborative programmes with us.

Training Programmes for foreign nationals
Sl. No.TitleLevelDuration (in weeks)Proposed Fees
1 Preparation of Optical Fibre from preform stage to final standard fibre drawing including rare-earth doped fibres for optical amplifier and Characterization of optical & amplification properties Graduate inlectronic/electrical engineering / M.Sc. / Equivalent 4 &&񖔀1500.00
2 Processing of Non-oxide based Engineering Ceramics Graduate in engineering / science/ experienced supervisors/ Entrepreneurs 4 &&񖔀1500.00
3 Processing of Electro-Ceramics Graduate in engineering / science/ Entrepreneurs 4 &&񖔀1500.00
4 Processing and Evaluation of Refractory Castables Graduates/ Engineers/ Entrepreneurs 2 &&񖔀1000.00
5 Conventional Testing of Refractory Materials. Graduates/ Engineers/ Entrepreneurs 2 &&񖔀1000.00
6 Refractory Aggregates and Refractory Blocks Graduates/ Engineers/ Entrepreneurs 2 &&񖔀1000.00
7 Fibre-glass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) Graduates/ Engineers/ Entrepreneurs 2 &&񖔀1000.00
8 High Temperature Resistant Glass-Ceramic Coatings Suitable for Aeronautical Applications Graduates/ Engineers/ Entrepreneurs 4 &&񖔀1500.00
9 Processing of Oxide based Engineering Ceramics Graduates/ Engineers/ Entrepreneurs 4 &&񖔀1500.00
10 Manufacture of Traditional Ceramics Graduates/ Engineers/ Entrepreneurs 4 &&񖔀1500.00
11 Sol-Gel Processing of Powder Preparation Graduates/ Engineers/ Entrepreneurs 4 &&񖔀1500.00

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