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Technologies developed/under development
  • Standardized process for manufacturing of Emery Stone.
  • Technology for Suitable Substituion of various ceramic waste for its gainful utlization in body, engobe and glaze for fired wall tiles.
  • Energy saving low mass kiln furniture with higher life for use pottery industries in Ahmedabad region.
  • Synthesis of Mullite Grog by calcining china clay and other alumina containing precursor.
  • Production of Bone China utilizing the china clays of Gujarat.
  • Optimizing process parameters and suggesting suitable remedy for improvement in productivity of stoneware products.
  • Technology Upgradation and Development of Terra Cotta clusters in Gujarat State.
  • Manufacturing of Glazed Floor Tile utilizing low energy intensive technology for body and glaze production.
  • Development of High Alumina Grinding Media.
  • Production of Steatite Porcelain for Grinding Media as well as low Loss Insulators.
  • Development of High Strength Black Pottery & Kabiz
  • High strength glazed Terracotta with low temperature lead bearing and leadless glazes.
  • Development of Glazes and Engobes for Roofing Tiles.
  • Development of low cost floor tile matt engobes utilizing crockeryware scrap powder.
  • Development of Glazed Floor tile body utilizing singular blended clays and various ceramic scraps.
  • Manufacturing of washed clays and singular blended clay.
  • Replacement of Ukrainian clay in the vitrified porcelain tiles production.
  • Utilization of fly ash in Traditional Ceramic Products.
  • Utilization of Rajpardi clay in Traditional Ceramic Products.
  • Patented Technology for Grinding of Ceramic Fired Scrap.
  • Technology for manufacturing lead free Blue Pottery.

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