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CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute

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सीएसआईआर-केंद्रीय काँच एवं सिरामिक अनुसंधान संस्थान

CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute

Scientist's Profile

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Dr. Sourindra Mahanty,

Dr. Sourindra Mahanty,

Senior Principal Scientist Coordinator, AcSIR

Contact Information:

Phone: (033) 24733496 (Ex. 3495)  / (033) 23223495 (Direct)
Fax: +91-33-24730957
E-mail: mahanty@cgcri.res.in

Dr. Sourindra Mahanty

Joined CGCRI on 10th July 2007

Professional Career

Institution Position Period
Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute, Kolkata Fellow Scientist 2005-2007
Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute Pool Officer (CSIR) 2002-2005
Univeristy of South Carolina, USA Research Scientist 2000-2001
Tokushima Univeristy, Japan Visiting Scientist 1998-2000
Univeristy Autonoma, Madrid, Spain Postdoctoral Fellow 1994-1997
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Research Associate (CSIR) 1992-1994


Degree Discipline University; Year
B.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry University of Burdwan
M.Sc. Physical Chemistry IIT, Kharagpur
Ph.D. Physical Chemistry IIT, Kharagpur

Patents filed / Granted

Summary: Indian : 2

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Notable Research contribution

  • First report on BTC-bridged metal organic framework anodes for lilthium-ion battery
  • Concept of redox additive to electrolytes for improving pseudocapacitance of metal oxides
  • New insight into the defect mechanism of GaN/InGaN multi-quantum well (MQW) structure
  • Ordered chalcopyrites (CuIn2Se3.5, CuIn3Se5 and CuIn5Se8) as solar cell materials

Research Interest

  • Alternative energy generation & electrochemical storage
  • Synthesis & characterization of nanomaterials for energy storage applications
  • Lithium sulphur battery
  • Metal organic frameworks (MOF) for electrochemical energy storage

Selected Publications

Summary: In SCI Journals: 64; In Conference Proceedings: 6;
Selected Papers:
  1. “Superior lithium storage properties of Fe2(MoO4)3 with a hetero-dimensional morphology: 1 D nanorods embedded with 0 D nanoparticles”, A. Pramanik, S. Maiti and S. Mahanty, Chemical Engg. J. 307 (2017) 239-248
  2. “Electrospun TiO2-rGO composite nanofibers with ordered mesopores by molecular level assembly: A high performance anode material for lithium-ion batteries”, S. Chattopadhyay, S. Maiti, I. Das, S. Mahanty and G. De, Adv. Mater. Interfaces 3 (2016) 1600761
  3. “Carbon Doped MnCo2S4 Microcubes Grown on Ni foam as High Energy Density Faradaic Electrode”, A. Pramanik, S. Maiti, M. Sreemany and S. Mahanty, Electrochim. Acta 213 (2016) 672-679
  4. “Reversible Lithium Storage in Manganese 1,3,5-benzenetricarboxylate Metal-Organic Framework with High Capacity and Rate Performance”, S. Maiti, A. Pramanik, U. Manju and S. Mahanty, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 7 (2015)16357–16363
  5. “Influence of imidazolium-based ionic liquid electrolytes on the performance of nano-structured MnO2 hollow spheres as electrochemical supercapacitor”, S. Maiti, A. Pramanik and S. Mahanty, RSC Advances, 5 (2015) 41617-41626 (Impact Factor: 3.840)
  6. “Metal hydroxides as conversion electrode for lithium-ion battery: A case study with Cu(OH)2 nanoflower array”, A. Pramanik, S. Maiti and S. Mahanty, J. Mater. Chem. A, 2 (2014) 18515-18522
  7. “Extraordinarily high pseudocapacitance of metal organic framework derived nanostructured cerium oxide”, S. Maiti, A. Pramanik and S. Mahanty, Chem. Comm., 50 (2014) 11717-11720
  8. “Interconnected network of MnO2 nanowires with a ‘Cocoon’ like morphology: Redox couple mediated performance enhancement in symmetric aqueous supercapacitor”, S. Maiti, A. Pramanik and S. Mahanty ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 6 (2014) 10754–1076
  9. “Generalized synthesis and evaluation of formation mechanism of metal oxide/sulphide@C hollow spheres” A. Saha, P. Bharmoria, A. Mondal, S. C. Ghosh, S. Mahanty and A. B. Panda, J. Mater. Chem. A 3 (2015) 20297 – 20304
  10. “MoS2-MWCNT hybrids as a superior anode in lithium-ion batteries”, K. Bindumadhavan, S. K. Srivastava and S. Mahanty, Chem. Comm., 49 (2013) 1823-1825
  11. “V-shaped Defects in InGaN/GaN Multiquantum Wells”, S. Mahanty, M. Hao, T. Sugahara, R. S. Q. Fareed, Y. Naoi and S. Sakai, Mater. Lett., 41 (1999) 67 (Impact Factor: 2.489) cover page article
  12. “Composition Effects on the Crystal Structure of CuInSe2”, J.M. Merino, J.L. Martín de Vidales, S. Mahanty, R. Díaz, F. Rueda and M. León, J. Appl. Phys., 80 (1996) 5610-5616 (Impact Factor: 2.183)

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Completed: One (2011)
Thesis Title: Development of Novel Metal Oxide Anodes for Lithium-ion Battery

Ongoing: Three

Research Topics:

(1) Development of Transition Metal Oxide and Hydroxide based Nanomaterials for Lithium-ion Battery and Supercapacitor Applications

(2) Investigation on Novel Electrode Materials for Application in Rechargeable Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices

(3) Development of high capacity lithium sulphur battery for electrochemical energy storage

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