सीएसआईआर-केंद्रीय काँच एवं सिरामिक अनुसंधान संस्थान

CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute

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सीएसआईआर-केंद्रीय काँच एवं सिरामिक अनुसंधान संस्थान

CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute

Ceramic Membrane


The activity of ceramic membrane started in 1993-94 in this institute. Ceramic Membrane Division was came to existance on December, 2004 and building was constructed in June, 2007. The Division achieved international recognition when it organized “International Conference on Catalysis in Membrane Reactors” (ICCMR8) during 18-21, Dec., 2007.

The R&D activities primarily focused on development of low cost ceramic membranes in tubular configuration including system design and development of prototypes for membrane based separation process.

The ceramic membrane used as support for coating of organic/inorganic materials to get desired size for specific applications at water/wastewater and gas separation process.

The Division is equipped with analytical facility for characterisation of ceramic materials and fluid components. It have in-house facility for fabrication of ceramic hollow fiber, zeolite composite, Pd coating, high temperature gas separation, silicon carbide composite membranes etc.

The Division managed 38 projects including 6 international collaboration till date and currently have 4 ongoing projects. Currently division has 4 scientist and 1 technician.

Areas of Research

Technology Developed


Current/Ongoing projects


Sl. no Title PI/Co-PI Duration Funding
1 Development of layered SiC ceramic filter for off –gas cleaning PI: Dr. Nijhuma Kayal March 2018-March 2021 DST
2 Development of palladium based membrane over porous stainless-steel substrate for selective separation of hydrogen from mixture of gases PI: Dr. Subrata Dasgupta April 2018-April 2021 BRNS

Completed Projects

1.Membrane Technology for Hydrogen Recovery from Low Hydrogen Bearing Refinery off gas by Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS)-Energy Efficient Technologies (E2++)

2.Development of palladium  based membrane for selective separation of hydrogen from hydrogen – helium mixture

3.Preparation of all silica zeolite membrane for gas separation of HI decomposition reaction

4.Feasibility studies of enrichment of BF gas for enhancement of calorific value

5.Ceramic Hollow Fibre Membrane Based Contactor for Natural Gas Purification

6.Ceramic membranes for CO2 Capture in Smelter Off-Gas – Stage

7.Ceramic Materials For Emerging Technologies Involving Liquid and Gas Separation – CSIR Supra Institutional Project of CGCRI (Task- I: Development of technology for manufacturing monolith/ Hollow Fibre support structures & Task- II: Development of Industrial Waste Water Purification Technology based on Ultra-filtration Membrane developed under task I)

8.Cleaning of hot gas from high ash containing low grade Indian Coal

9.Synthesis of oxide bonded porous SiC ceramics by bond phase precursor infiltration technique

10.Synthesis of Novel composite material using coir fibre for engineering application-Coir Board

11.Prototype development using SiC based tubular substrate from cellulosic material for coal based IGCC technology (under task 5 of Supra Institutional Project ‘Ceramic materials for emerging technologies for liquid and gas separation)

12.Development of Hydrophobic Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membrane (HCHFM) for MD-based Domestic Water Purification System

13.Development  of Ceramic Membranes   for Gas Separation Applications in S-I and Cu-Cl cycles For Clean Energy Production

Divisional Facilities

Technical/Support Staff

Name Designation Contact no. Expertise
Mr. Gouranga Chalak Technician (2) Mob:9800437548, Email: g_chalak@cgcri.res.in, Extn: 3253 Fitting of module & permeability determination, Dimension measurement of ceramic tubes. Operating the Extruder & Mixture machine.


Name Status Project Title Joined On Supervisor

Sarbasree Dutta

SRF   May, 2017 Dr. Nandini Das

Dulal Das

JRF Development of layered SiC ceramic filter for off –gas cleaning (GAP0261) May, 2018 Dr. Nijhuma Kayal

Priyanka Roy

PhD student   Sep, 2013 Dr. Nandini Das

Alumni: Completed Ph.D.

Name Supervisor

Dr. Jugal Das
Dr. Nandini Das

Dr. Mitali Sen
Dr. Nandini Das

Dr. Biswajeet Bera
Dr. Nandini Das

Dr Sushmita Ghosh
Dr. Subrata Dasgupta

Dr. Debaleena Bhattacharjee
Dr. Subrata Dasgupta

Dr. Sanchita Baitalik
Dr. Nijhuma Kayal

Dr. Ankita Bose
Dr. Nandini Das

Dr. Marakkar Kutty P V Mailam Veedu
Dr. Subrata Dasgupta


Dr. Subrata Dasgupta
Chief Scientist and Head
Phone: +91-(033) 2322 3454
Fax: +91-33-24730957
E-mail: sdasgupta@cgcri.res.in

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